1. Addons that track runes.......

    I need a good addon that is basically in my face type of addon that helps on tracking runes, because I had enough on glancing to my upper left corner of the screen to see teeny weeny runes to see if they are on CD and then suddenly the tank moved the boss and you are wasting time rapidly clicking your obliterate not knowing its hitting thin air.

    And also sometimes the runes are buggy, despite having 3-4 runes active (mostly in combination of Death rune/Unholy Rune/Frost Rune) it would say "Not enough runes for this ability, and it destroys my rotation and dps. It's not prevalent but it does occur on rare in seldom times.

  2. I personally don't use any tracking addon, but I did try DKIrunes (or something similar, google should find it) once. Didn't feel natural, could be different for you. There is also a CLCdk addon (I think that's what it's called) which may help you out asw. Not sure if Bartender/other custom UIs can configure your runes, but they're worth a shot.

  3. July 1, 2018  
    I recoment Move Anything, its super light and feels natural, you can move the runes somewhere else and change their size. You can also use it for other things like combo points and cast bars.
    You can find it in http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=369755 under Miscellaneous tab.

    This is how it looks on my dk:
    Spoiler: Show

  4. Hay, did you try "DKM"?

    This is how it looks like:

    You can download it from google by letting it redirect you to curseforge iirc.

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