1. July 7, 2018  

    Mage addons

    This is probably a common thread, so sorry for creating another one. :)

    I am looking for a mage addon that let me track sheeps/spellsteal. Also to help me track down living bomb cooldown, etc. I've tried Mage Nuggets, and installed it correctly but it doesn't track anything. It's like it's not even there(even thought the minimap icon is there)
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  2. Best thing i can recomend is Power Aura addon, there u can make something like Weak Auras for newer wow xpacs. U have compleatly guide on yt how to set it up. Also if u wana track spellsteal , i think there was addon named spellsteal and it show u list of buffs that u can spellsteal from target. Also good thing is Omni CC addon. But i think u can cover everything with Power Auras.

  3. I would recommend double checking the version of Mage Nuggets you got, because I've used it for years and it does exactly what you are asking for, and more.

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