1. Hello there, do you see any chance of inviting a former members of the "progression"? I've been removed due to inactivity, still it was some quality time spent here on warmane during the progression times which i'm missing so much. cheers
    Hi Cooldhearth, I dont recognize your name - whats your ign? Im pretty sure that you are more than welcome "back", if you fancy throwing your head against the wall yet again. (Just like the rest of us).


  2. Dude! I cannot imagine in any way that you are not welcome back. Catch me on discord, and Ill throw you an invite to the server Group.


  3. Well, havent been here long, but already happy i joined. Looking forward to the start of our 'progression' runs on wednesday.

  4. We have 2 more days until our first naxx/eoe/os 1-2-3 drake runs in ilevel 200, if this interests you please apply at https://regression-guild.com/contact

    Still recruiting primarily DPS.

  5. Great first night of raiding, Naxx cleared fully with a full 10 man group, lots of upgrades and tier, monday we'll be running OS then OS + 1/2/3 from there on and EoE on a weekly basis and working toward undying in ilevel 200 gear.

  6. Great run, very few wipes and lots of gear. We even managed to kill Heigan with three persons alive from 15% (tank, caster-turned-healer and 1 melee). Now thats skill IMO!

  7. Another good raid night.

    Hit a stumbling block at first in EoE but managed to do it at the end and cleared OS 0 drakes, OS 1 drake soon in terms of progression.

    We're still currently recruiting for our runs, specifically tanks a few more tanks and healers and certainly more DPS.

  8. After clearing t7 content at a steady pace we've decided to have one of our raid days dedicated exclusively to moving up to ulduar!

    We're still recruiting tanks/heals and DPS for multiple teams to clear this content as quick as we did the entire of t7

  9. I have a few questions about the guild: Are you guys progressing through the start of the content too ICC or are you guys already raiding ICC ? Do you guys have several raidgroups? specific raiding days and times? I am a 5.2k resto shaman who is starting again after like 2 years

  10. Hey Flakka

    We have recently begun our progression, and so we are no where near ICC and wont really be for a long time. Most of us in the guild have been through ICC till our eyes bled and take much more pleasure in running Ulduar in low-tier gear (or things or a similar nature).

    So your GS is rather irrelevant, as we mainly focus on the item level of the gear we use - and right now we run Naxxramas in iLvl 200 and Ulduar in iLvl 213-226 (Herald of the Titans ish).

    If you are mainly looking to reach end-game and gear up, we probably arent the right place for you. But either way, best of luck to you in your search.

  11. Hey are you guys in a need of a Hpally? new to the server and not even 80 yet but would love to progress from start and not jump to icc, been playing wow for 14 years and got tired fast of the latest expansion BFA.

  12. We are actively recruiting all classes and specs right now, as Beba has said we're working through on gear from 200-213 for naxx, 213-226 for ulduar etc.

    Right now our main focus is downing OS 3D in 200 gear and Ulduar full meta in 226 gear as well as Algalon for the titles (which most of the guild already has at this stage but it'd nice teaching new players it).

    If you're interested you can apply on https://regression-guild.com/contact or in game to any officer (We're usually on a buncha alts)

  13. OS 1D down in 200 gear, next monday is 2D then 3D after!

    Starting tomorrow we're actively progressing through our Ulduar 10 HMs and recruiting primarily DPS at this point, thanks.

  14. Clearing a good portion of Ulduar HMs, So far we've down Flame Leviathan, XT and are working on Hodir hardmode now, Herald runs will start up soon!

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