1. July 8, 2018  

    [A][EU] <Kela> 6/6 SWP 9/9 BT recruiting for SWP. (Wed/Thu/Sun 17ST/19CET)


    Kela is a European end-game raiding guild. Our goal is to reach end game content, so that people can experience everything TBC has to offer, while having fun at the same time. Many of our players are Scandinavian, but the language spoken in raids is English.
    We are a very active and friendly guild outside of raids too. We are running dungeons, lower tier content such as Karazhan, and have quite a few active PvPers. We do accept socials as well, so people who aim to join our raids in the future, or just want a place to hang out and have a good time, are more than welcome to join us.
    Our raid times are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 17-21 server time (19-23 CET).

    As of right now we are preparing for the release of Sunwell Plateau. We are raiding Black Temple on Wednesdays, and consistently clearing it in one night. We have opted in for SWP testing, so if you are interested in checking it out before it’s released, now is your chance. We also do Zul’Aman bear runs twice a week, so that everyone can get that sexy bear.


    6/6 SWP
    9/9 BT
    5/5 MH
    4/4 TK
    6/6 SSC

    Recruiting for our CORE group
    We are currently recruiting a few additional players to join our core raid team.
    We are always looking for exceptional players of any class and spec.

    Specifically looking for

    Restoration Shaman
    Enhancement Shaman

    What do we expect of you?
    We expect all raiders to have a good and serious attitude towards raiding, especially during progression. We expect you to know your class and spec inside and out, to ensure that everyone performs to the best of their ability. Coming to raids prepared with proper enchants, consumables and knowledge of the fights is mandatory.
    Your honesty and feedback. It's very important to us that everyone is satisfied and enjoy raiding with us.
    Dedication and reliability. We raid 3 times a week during progression, and while we understand that not everyone can make every raid due to real life commitments, which is completely understandable, we do expect a high attendance especially from core raiders.
    We are currently farming BT, and during the downtime between content, and since it’s also summer time, we do not run any other 25 man raids right now. Due to this, we require new recruits to have at least t5 level gear, and being attuned to BT. This will change as soon as Sunwell is released, when we will go back to a 3 night per week raiding schedule.

    Addon requirements
    Omen and Deadly boss mods.

    Sytem requirements

    Your application
    You can make an application directly on our website, or have a chat in-game with any of our officers.
    Online contacts:
    Raklezz, Lapidem, Tylo, Beaton, Thermofax, Silverknight.
    Edited: December 5, 2018

  2. Kalecgos down! Looking for DPS, especially Rogue and Warrior, to beat Brutallus.

  3. Hey, you guys accept social members? Rolled a horde rogue but it's a bit lonely so could roll alliance rogue instead. Used to play competetively back in retail tbc in both pve and pvp (all content cleared in acceptable speed and 1 x gladiator 2 x duelist in 3s) but dropped retail in wod.

    Gonna be focusing mainly on arena due to time issues but this might change.

  4. Brutallus down! Felmyst next. Recruiting the classes listed in the opening post, especially hunter, resto/ele shaman, shadow priest.
    Edited: September 7, 2018

  5. Felmyst down on first progress night! Looking forward to the last 3 bosses to get released. Still recruiting exceptional players, whisper Raklezz/Tylo/Thermofax/Lapidem online or write an application at Kelaeu.shivtr.com

  6. Twins down as alliance 2nd! Now recruiting Warlock and Resto Shaman to finish M'uru progression and move onto KJ!

  7. Bump! Still looking for warlocks and resto shaman!

  8. M'uru down as alliance first! KJ next. Looking for a mage, resto shaman, warlock.

  9. First video of our Sunwell journey, all editing cred goes to the memer, believer and spinner of the wheeler: Urgot

  10. Kil'Jaeden down as alliance first! Proud of everyone in the guild for completing SWP, and thanks to Warmane for providing a fun and challenging sunwell, it's been a great experience for us all.
    Twitch hunter POV of our kill, until an "official" kill video is released: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/344510710

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