1. July 8, 2018  

    Isle progression tracking

    Npcs should tell us the progress of each stage of the isle but it does not seem to be the case

  2. How does progression work even? I mean I know ppl gotta repeat those 2 quests available til we get to phase 2.. but is there some known, public limit for this or its just up to server admins to actually make the switch?
    Wowwiki and such have no specific information about this, they just write "completing the quests progresses towards the next phase". But how many completion, 1000, 10 000?

  3. Progress tracking will be implemented soon. You will be informed of the percentage of progress by either Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath (once the Sanctum has been taken over) or by the questgivers on the isle.
    And no, the stage clear requirements aren't and were never public, the percentage is the only way for players to keep track

  4. With the Isle now being in Phase 2 it's been going very slowly. Phase 1 had a progress of around 1%/hr, with phase 2 being on 2% for the last many hours. Is phase 2 significantly longer or is it a display bug?

  5. Its longer and activating the portal will add another quest that contributes to progress (Know your Ley Lines)

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