The In-game Rules have been updated today. So, go read.

If you never read it before (tsk!), it is a good time to do so. If you did it before (which I doubt), here are some highlights:
Bug Exploiting branch involving Boosting and sitting in front of that hawful dungeon you hate, asking to be kicked.

Also, edited the part of not allowing outside business involving real money. Some users found a loophole with it twisting my words to favor them. Unacceptable!

Watch out for fake <GM>'s promissing you tons of Coins if you click to put your account information in some random website.

Our official GMs will whisper you with an icon like this but waaaaaaay smaller.
Believe, many people still fall for the fake ones. Very sad indeed.

Some easter egg in the end of the text and that's all folks!