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    Stoneform vs Every man for himself

    Which racial ability is most needed for pvp ? I am doing RBG and Wintergrasp all of time. I'm curious about your thoughts.
    Thanks and cheers!..

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    Cmon Folks! Please share your thoughts.

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    If you're playing a Rogue as your avatar suggests, Stoneform is definitely not to be underestimated. It's an answer to one of a Rogue's few weaknesses - bleed debuffs.

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    Every man for himself is just... too good for PVP. Unless you don't really have nice trinkets, might aswell change to dwarf and get PVP trinket instead.

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    Thank you for your precious answers. Cheers.

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    stoneform has its niche, but generally speaking, human is the better pick

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    Please dont go dwarf.

    Stoneform wont ever be as usefull as Shadowmeld will if you want an extra ability.

    Human is the best PvP race in this expansion, especialy for a DPS.

    Night Elf vs Human.
    They also have good base stats for Rogues...

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    For a rogue, stoneform is very strong vs. rogue/warrior/druid and a better choice as human or shadowmeld. But for all other situations it has no use.

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    For DK and Warr ?
    Definitely Every Man For Himself for those classes.

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