1. Multiboxers limit per bg

    Here's my thought process journal

    1. Oh, nice. Never seen this before (krusch******* BiS ele shaman). Did atleast 15attempts nuking him down. untill this date, haven't killed him
    2. Give up on players like krusch. Still, i will accept it, because it's interesting
    3. Meet undergeared multiboxers. Total slaughter. They all die. Very much fun.
    4. Meet two undergeared multiboxers in the horde team @ AV.(?????). Game is ridiculously imbalanced. A lot less people running around, because 10 of them are actually clustered all the time. It takes only one player (me) to disrupt these 5 characters.
    5. Meet decent geared multiboxer @ AB several times. You don't fight against it, because you can't win. You try to make it a sprint, and keep capping **** where he is not.

    So here is where i start to think. About the AB, you start to work around them. You are playing AB heavily objective based, which is okey, because you are still playing the actual game, just a bit different.

    It's just that i can't imagine playing vs two multiboxers in one team. It feels like it disrupts the objective based game so heavily, that the game evolves into some kind of custom game created by the multi's.

    Anyway. I'm not against multi's at all. I really find it interesting and sometimes fun to play against. I think these people do deserve a place in WoW.

    Would like to hear some opinions about 2+ multi players in one team.

    Edited: July 10, 2018

  2. Thanks the honorable mention.

    Is it really that common to meet more than one boxer per bg? except alterac maybe... not like more than one boxer bring any advantage anywhere but eos/AV (if they have gear and know what to do). The major problem in BGs is that once ppl kill half the multiboxers group they think its a good idea to kill the rest aswell. Change that mindset and you will see boxer by boxer quiting pvp in a few days.
    Edited: July 11, 2018

  3. Just boycott multiboxers, thats what i do if everyone did this and never went near them they would never get kills or pvp action and probably quit.

    so don't go near them
    if you spawn at a gy they are farming, don't rez
    it's simple stuff

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