1. Haste rating for Rshamn PVP

    Hi All,
    since Rsham lack of instant heal on TBC and end game gear is starting to be available, i was wondering if full haste resto/crit gear could be a thing in TBC PVP.

    I don't see many downside in PVP, bgs and most of the arena as long you don't play some arena comp that usually involve very long matches.

    Any idea, feedback or experiences to share?

    Tnx =)

  2. Was wondering about the same thing when it comes to hpala since they also have to hardcast alot: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=387123.
    I guess it depends on the length of the arena fight. Against burst heavy opponents haste might be a option but I don't know it either.

  3. Hey,
    thanks for sharing.

    After reading that 3rd i would say that it probably apply to Rsham too, is debatable, maybe risky, but probably viable with endgame gear in some PVP environments.

    Since i plan to do bgs premades and 3s cleave I will probably give it a try ^^

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