1. Spec for Arena 5s

    I'm starting to get into arena 5s, but I'm not sure which specs are currently viable. I know SL/SL isn't great. I've heard Aff/SB or Destro are good. Which specs perform best in 5s?

  2. Personally I've always liked Felguard best for 5s, because it has nice damage output but is also very tanky compared to Destro or Affliction. The Felguard Intercept stun is also very nice if you know how to micro it properly, and the Felguard itself actually has good damage output. It all depends on your team comp though. If your team is very good at peeling for you and keeping you safe then you might as well just go with Affliction, because you don't need the extra tankiness and Unstable Affliction is kind of OP (cover your Fears with Unstable Affliction and rofl when a healer tries to dispel the Fear :D). If your team is not very good at peeling for you then you need the tankiness, and I would go with a Felguard.
    Destro is also good but only versus worse teams. If the opponent is very bad and all stack up that means you can hit all of them with a Shadowfury, which can be game ending right there. They might also not dispel your Immolate. If the opponent is skilled though they will spread out and won't all get hit by one Shadowfury and they will dispel your Immolates. This is why Affliction is better vs skilled opponents, with UA you can mitigate the "I dispel your dots and fears and now your class is useless" problem.

  3. Thank you Poep. That's really helpful information. I'll give Aff a try first, and if I need more tankiness, I'll switch over to Felguard.

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