1. Skip starter zone dk if instant 80?


    I have just started playing warmane again after a years break.
    I have one question about Death Knights. If I buy the "instant 80" to my death knight in lvl 55. Do I still need to do the starting zone quests? Or do i get like a teleport to SW/ORG?

    Thanks in advance.


  2. you need to do the quests to get your talent points.

  3. you need to do the quests to get your talent points.
    Suck... thats a pain in the ***.
    Thanks for the answer tho!

  4. There's really no need to skip the DK starting zone anyway. When you become instant 80, it becomes much easier than it already is.

  5. I never knew why people would boost a DK instantly to 80. I literally just got done getting my human DK to 80 and I made him tuesday night and he dinged 80 last evening and already 3700GS. You get to like lvl64 when youre done with the starting area and can easily hit 70 by doing most of HFP and a few quests in Zang. Then whichever wrath starting zone you choose can easily get you to 75 then just finish the last few levels up in the 77-80 zones.

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