1. [ANSWERED]Zero response.

    Hello. I posted before one week, one topic on wotlk blackrock section. There is no response from the staff. No idea why but I want to share my thoughts with you (the staff). You want to progress/success. That is why you made the wotlk realm 1x and tbc realm. We can all see this is going really great. Icecrown have max ppl, Lordaeron is almost full at rush hour and tbc realm is having great popularity. But on the other hand you closed cata realm and blackrock is going in the same direction. You can't success if you don't take care of your property (ppl who play there). In every ticket which is written the answer is the same (hello visit our bug tracker... / you are not online we can't contact you...). I don't play in the other realms so I can't tell what their sociability is. But in blackrock is missing. The correspondence between staff and players (in game) is crucial. Blackrock is going to die like neltharion if you don't take any kind of action.

    My question is: Will you take care of the servers who are going to die or you didn't thought about that?

  2. Greetings,

    We are always looking for opportunities to make our realms better for players but unfortunately we can only do so much. We always look at Blackrock as the ultimate place for pvp and we will look for further opportunities to make it a better place. Thank for sharing your concerns.

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