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    Introducing AAVBlackrock

    AAV - Atrox Arena Viewer was an addon created by Zwacky that allows you to replay your arena matches ingame anywhere, so you could instantly see what happened and how it happened. I made that same addon work for Blackrock and backported the UI that was added in MOP.

    In addition, I made blackrock-specific features and improved the addon a lot. There's a ton of features you'll discover but here's a few big ones I've added:

    1. Anti-Cheat, the addon has an anticheat incorporated that detects whenever someone is cheating and announces it ingame as well as provides an accurate description of what he used and how. Right now the anticheat only supports Cooldown Hacking and during Beta its been super sucessful in outing a large amount of cheaters. There might be some false positives when people are lagging, should be fixed in a future build, until then make your own conclusions.
    2. Export / Import functions so you can give matches to your friends.
    3. Slider cooldowns so you can see what big cds were used and go directly to that time (you can choose which cds in the options)
    4. Replay functionalities, since this addon saves matches account wide, you can use it as a match history and instantly utilize blackrock's replay system to jump into the game at the specific time you want.
    5. SoloQ Support

    The Addon can be used as a compendium of your match history; as an easier way to see what happened during a game; or just as an anticheat. It's completely up to you. Any suggestions/additions you'd like to see implemented or any problems you might have just message me on discord @Jammin#8283.

    ---MAIN WINDOW---

    ---MATCH WINDOW---

    ---STATS WINDOW---


    ! THIS IS A FAKE TEST - Ruined didn't actually cheat I just wanted to get a screenshot of what it looks like !

    Known Bugs:
    1. Sometimes rating doesn't display correctly and shows 0. This is a known bug because of blackrock's core, it doesn't send you the enemy team's rating properly.
    2. Sometimes it says I lost 0 rating: This is because when you leave the game before the scoreboard, you're leaving before the server messages you how many points you've lost. I could get around that but I'm too lazy rn.
    3. Importing and exporting a large game freezes my game for like 3-5 seconds. This is due to the large amount of data in big games and the size of the string. I might find a way to improve performance on this in the future.

    I'll be updating this addon with new stuff so make sure you check this thread as I'll post it here. Planned Features:
    1. AntiCheat: Kickbot, rangehack, gcdhack. (Kickbot will use confidence based statistics and won't be 100% accurate like the others. But that'll be explicit on the UI.
    2. Buff Timers, rn buffs don't have a timer and just disappear/appear when they're active. (Easy to do just low prio right now)
    3. Fix import/export performance

    Download Link: AAVBlackrock VERSION 2.2.2
    Contact: Jammin#8283 on Discord

    Special Thanks for beta testing and help: Asuri, Shinta, Jk, Wackzy, Maldoren, Cartoon
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    does it work on icecrown too?
    "Soon" blackrock will use Icecrown core ( and we will lose spectate/repaly mode for a while)

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    I honestly don't have a way of testing it rn :(. From what I can tell some people have been using it there but I'm sure there's some bugs. If anyone is able to test it over there send me a PM on discord

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    ISO, Elvui Addon skins for this addon, ty.

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