Recorded on Icecrown.

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This is more or less a big clip dump (Not edited / Not a PvP Movie, simply clips) but these are my favorites of the past 3 months. I had more footage but didn't realize that the recording quality was so bad it was like 2004 all over again.

This IS NOT A PvP Movie Hence '2.5'. Still, these are clips that would have been used for a PvP Movie. Regardless, I uploaded here not for a sense of anything except that the clips might be enjoyable.

P.S. Sorry for uploading with a song that has bad quality. Not sure what happened there.

What to expect :


1vX In world and Battlegrounds plus an arena match

PvE Gear (4/5 Tier 10) making me hit hard but die fast

High kill counts and close calls.

Youtube / Warcraftmovies comments are more than appreciated. I don't read the forums often.