1. PVP question

    How is PvP for a fresh level 70? Is it possible to do something or you just get rekt in any situation because powergap is too big? Is it P2W like it is on the wotlk servers?


  2. You'll basically get rekt by everyone until you get S1/S2 weapon + 3-4 armor pieces. Best way to be helpful as a fresh-&-full green 70 is to do some AV and ninja/recap bunkers/towers. You'll basically get destroyed if you try anything else, WSG/AB/EotS, and have zero change to be helpful (except if you are a healer, perhaps...).

    To avoid this you can either do some dungeons to get some blue/purple, but you'll need resil to survive a bit, or just farm some arena/bg until you hit 200+ resil, that should do the trick. You do not have to pay to get out of the green-stuff zone, just be patient and accept being destroyed most of the time for some days.

    Also, alliance outgear horde most of the time. If you are horde, don't be surprised if you see alliance win 10 bgs in a row and earn 800 honors over an afternoon of farming.

  3. Get honored with outland factions to get blue pvp set, you will get some other gear that will be at least a bit better than quest greens while doing so. Then farm bgs for s2 weapon, then offparts. Cap arena every week no matter how bad your gear is(finding a 5s cap team on tuesday is not hard). At first it will be painful, but while ungeared focus on the positives you can do in bg, like ninja caping, distrubing others, if you play class than can dispel for example do that a lot etc. and ignore *****s who whine about your gear, if you have blue pvp set from rep, they have no right to complain about your gear.

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