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    Pre-RDF HC gear - Can't find ICC rep farms with no GS req?

    Hey everyone, I dinged 80 on two toons in alliance. I read through guides on gearing up which all indicate using 10 man pick-up groups for ICC rep farms. The problem is I can't find any ICC rep farms that don't consider GS - in fact most seem to want 5.5+

    Any suggestions on where to find these groups that don't consider GS so I can try to gear up for RDF HC?

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    To get ready for HRDF, try to buy cheap epic gear (that pertains to your spec) off the AH. There are also reputation vendors that have epic gear (Wyrmrest Accord for example).

    There are also TOC 5 man trinket farms, as well as FOS/POS N runs - both of which usually have no/very low GS requirements.

    Other than that, queue for specific N dungeons that give gear that you need.

    You need an average item level of 185 to get into the HRDF.

    Also, that's just bad luck not finding ICC rep farms that don't require a minimum GS

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    Firstly you should do quests for the reputation factions to get your rep to exalted. They sell gear you can use to get into RDF HC's. You get 180-200 gear.
    Secondly, join FOS/POS/HOR Normal runs. Get the quests to become attuned to each dungeon progressively. You get 219 gear from there.
    Thirdly join ICC REP runs to get rep for your Ashen Band (Ring).

    You should be fine from there on. Run RDF HC and farm Emblems of Triumph. You can buy 232 T9 Pieces at your vendor in Dalaran or at the Argent Tournament Vendor as well as the Emblem Vendors in your Faction Hub in Dalaran. Some of the T9 bonuses are redic good.

    Congrats after doing all this you're at about 5k GS min. Join weekly VOA10 + 25s and try your luck at getting T10 pieces from the Ice Watcher.

    Don't forget to use gems and enchants. Don't use the greater enchants if you're strapped for gold. Use the lesser enchants and gems until you get some gear you won't be replacing for a while.

    After all this you can probably join some TOC10/25 Normal Runs or even an ICC25/10 Alt Run Keep in mind that your professions need to be leveled as well on your main character. Choose something that can make gold and something that complements your character class/spec.

    Regards :)

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    Just do what everyone else does: buy the cheapest epic items off the AH regardless of the stats and queue up. Hell, warriors with those cloth shoulders and hpala waists are more common than actual clothers with those shoulders.
    Just get 180ilvl and queue up.

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