1. Shadowmourne

    Greetings everyone,

    Not really new anymore, already few weeks in playing ( progress fast, 5.5k gs On my main and 5k on my alt ), thinking about starting the SM quest. So before I start anything, I wan't to know how hard of a jurney will it be ?

    I play regularly and any farms that need to be done are not a problem. Still need to get myself a guild to raid ICC with, so i figure that in few weeks time, i will be up and ready to play even HC.

    With that in mind, can anyone estimate the time ( very roughly ) and effort that needs to be put in this.

    PS: I don't have $200 laying around, so gotta do it on my own, is it even worth it ?
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  2. If you're pugging the hardest part would be Sindra and LK quests, but with a guild it shouldn't be too hard, except if shards are reserved for senior guild members.
    But do start the quest, you lose nothing, while you're in the ICC you might as well do some quests, I see no downsides.

  3. Good to know that it's reasonable at least, I expected the requirement of selling my soul :D

    So how much time do you think it will take ( Considering I can only do ICC once a week ) And of course i intend of getting a guild, but have to find the right one, most of the guilds ask for end game gear :S
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  4. It will take some half a year, to gear up, to climb up in rank in guild to get priority on shards, to do all the parts of quest up to Splintered Throne(shard collecting). This goes faster if you are good on your class. Then its some 2-3 months if you get every shard that drops providing if you clear it hc every week.

    Faster way is to farm gold and sell it for coins.

  5. Keep in mind that Shadowfrost Shard drop rates are significantly lowered here. You get an average of 3-4 Shards per run on 25hc difficult, counting the guaranteed one that drops from LK. The Shadowfrost Shard part of the chain alone will easily take around 4 months, and that's assuming you have a guild that takes you to a 25hc raid every week and prioritizes your toon for Shadowfrost Shard collection. I would be very daunted by the prospect of having to farm 50 shards if I wasn't already an established raider in a 25hc guild.

    The Infusion quests (the part of the chain just prior to SFS collection) might also be a pain to complete unless you have a co-operative guild. Trying to complete them in a pug would be fairly difficult.

  6. if you only want SM than farming gold and selling it for coins is faster

  7. How hard is it if i need to get around 300 000 gold to get it :D I can't even get 1k

  8. How hard is it if i need to get around 300 000 gold to get it :D I can't even get 1k
    If collecting 1k gold is a problem for you, then forget about collecting those shards, as well as the regular place in 25h as a melee with starter gear.

    And yet collecting the gold would be faster.

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