1. A few questions

    So, I'm new to warmane got 5 buddies that are starting with me..
    Is this a pvp server?
    How active is pvp here? (2s, 3s and 5s)
    Are any classes broken? (Monks being way op or anything)
    Any quests, or zones, etc bugged?
    Anything else that's major bugged?

  2. Major bugs? Not really, i'd say the realm is in a pretty good shape right now. Leveling isn't a problem unless you're too lazy to overlook a few bugged quests and do some griding.
    I'd say PvP and PvE are equally represented in the realm, no 5s tho, 3s are semi-active, and the 2s scene is pretty active.
    As for classes, again no major bugs, perhaps a few minor inconveniences here and there like unavailable glyphs or slightly bugged player hitboxes but nothing too game-breaking.

    I think you and your buddies should give Frostwolf a try and see for yourself.

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