1. Can't remove Read-Only in wow folder properties

    hello, i cant remove the Read only thing in my warmane wow folder properties. i have restarted my pc. i have deleted my torrent, i have moved it away from download place and i move it on my desktop, but the Read-Only keeps coming back. i dont know how to fix it.

  2. What happens when you remove it? if you're desperate go safe mode, as admin and remove them from there, that has to work.
    If even safe mode and admin account doesn't work ask your parents or someone older to do it, that has to work.

  3. When i remove it, the properties window closes, but then I open it again, just to see if it is unchecked, and it is checked again.

  4. What helped in my case was creating a new folder and putting the wotlk 3.3.5 folder in that one.

  5. Are you clicking Apply or just closing the properties window? It should ask you to confirm if you want to apply it to all subfolders and files - which you do. If that's not happening you're doing something wrong or maybe don't have permission to change folder properties.

  6. read what it says in the parenthesis.

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