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    I appreciate it. I don't mind Criticism, at all. but the impetuousness of just a small band of people, it's not completely rampant mind you, but just a few bad apples. I was just venting, I know it sounds like complaining, but i'm going to continue Tanking because I do enjoy it. Thank you all, I'm just going to not say anything or respond to negativity in RDF's from now on, I think that's the solution here.
    Find a Guild asap,possible if can be endgame guild who accept social rank members.This can turn around 100% your game experience.If you chose to pug around stuff like what happen in this RDF will keep happening constantly over and over,the pug players are way too toxic and its absolutely not worth the time to deal with all this **** and its not gonna get better.
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    A piece of advise: This game is to have fun, if someone's being rude in a group, either ignore them or vote kick them. Worst case scenario, just teleport out and wait until they kick you, there's no need to tolerate people that are being crappy to other people because they're not up to their own standards.
    Ignoring/votekicking is good, teleporting out and demanding (let's face it, waiting is equivalent to demanding in this scenario) a kick is not. Just because someone was rude, it doesn't give you a validation to troll - you have 3 more people in your group who just want to finish the damn dungeon. Don't start this kindergarden bull****.

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