1. Is scamming normal here? Twice in 10days or so...

    Couple of weeks ago I was stupid and got tradescammed... Imo that was totally my fault (so this is too but thats not right FFS)and I lost 1350g. Sold 3epic gems for 1.5k and he took one zero out blaablaa. Did ticket and told in trade.. GM said that need some evidence and I understand that. People here judged me and said Im the one thats stupid and ******* etc. For selling gems wtf? Or becouse I trusted some lifeless akne faced ****** who's result of insest or something that I dont even wanna know.... Now to the point.
    Week or maybe 10 days ago there was a guy named ..... selling arenaboost for coins or gold. I promised that I will go for it. He spammed me daily for 4-5days like he got nothing to do (that kind of ******s maybe doesnt really got other things to do... EVEN INGAME... (No skillz to do own gold and too moron and selfish ***** to have something like family or friends)
    I passed it, tought its waste of money. I maybe could do it by myself but 2days ago I changed my mind and asked in Global if anyone could boost me 1.7k for gold? Now Druid called ..... put message on me and told he is that ...... (That was his hunter if I remember correctly). We speaked of how we would do it for a while and that ****ing ****** ****bag even asked my account details :DASD (Thanks god I did think ATLEAST that "Much"XD)
    OFC denied that Idea and told that I can play enough well that if he is good enough to go 2k we would ez break up 1.8 atleast.. I gave him 1.5k gold (of 2,5k total what he wanted) before he said he'll leave 2060rated team and thats why he want so much... Im so ****ing naive that I did understand that becouse if he got once with luck 2k it wouldnt be nice to leave that team. And atleast he wouldnt do it cheaper than he can buy NEW BOOST AGAIN for himself. Thats enough for me. Wanted to told you and warn you guys for him and dont give a **** if someone keeps me stupid... Rather naive than that lifeless ****. Karma will win.

    PS Have a nice weekend guys
    PSS I havent took a single drink or sth Im totally clear or w/e its in english :D For good guys have a nice weekend and let good be going on. And for rest of scammers your life is enough **** that you need to scamm ppl. I cant even hate you guys tbh thats pathetic :DDDDDD

    with best regards Rokveiss that will not even send cods anymore becouse someone ******* postman will steal it XD

  2. How I can upload image here? Got 2 screenshots one before when I spoke with ...... (his alt) and 2nd is tonight when he answered for first time and now used name .......

  3. How I can upload image here?
    You don't, unless you want to get yet another infraction for breaking Forum rules.

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