1. [ANSWERED]Guild Master problem

    Was sent from ingame support team to contact GGM Aldtharios regarding my problem, here is what i need help with, shortly. Long time ago in days of ulduar progress i made guild name "Zenith" then i merged it to another guild and agreed to give GuildMaster status to other guy but they join our guild. Not long after this guy quited wow (warmane at least) and guild master rank was yet with him, this guild was originaly made by me and i really would like to keep name but i cannot ever get this guy online to ask him to pass me lead, he was last time online 15+ months ago, his char dont even have name from character inactivity name wipe. I really do wanna have this guild name under my control, can you somehow either pass lead of guild to some of my toons or rename/wipe whole guild so that i can create new one with same name? Please help even tho this subject is not much of your concern but understand me that i care about this guild name. Best regards and thanks in advance
    Edited: August 11, 2018

  2. Contact Aldtharios with a private message here on the forums.

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