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    Remnants of Lordaeron

    Shadow has cast upon the once great kingdom of Lordaeron. As the traitor prince Arthas betrayed his own nation and people, endless war has struck humanity in the northern part of the continent. The Banshee Queen Sylvanas took control of the Capital City, once a great center of humanity's power.
    Now her Forsaken soldiers and apothecaries spread blight and disease all across the land. Various pockets of human resistance stand divided and outnumbered, desperately trying to survive on their own.

    Despite of that, southern parts of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron, namely Hillsbrad Foothills, survived nearly untouched, as Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos in his attempt to reclaim the lost capital, situated his base of operations there.
    Southshore, the largest and most prosperous town in the region, is where the last remnants of the Lordaeron's military and administration (magistrates) gathered and are now residing, constantly in fear of annihilation.
    On the other side, the Forsaken town of Tarren Mill is where Horde's forces gather, raiding nearby human farms and fields.
    Few small encampments of the so-called Syndicate- a human criminal organization led by villainous nobles of the now fallen kingdom of Alterac are scattered in the Hillsbrad Foothills, with Durnholde Keep the biggest of them.

    - meeting players willing to put aside the regular leveling and farming
    - create a distinctive look/appearance of characters that is lore-correct (all details are important)
    - achieve a decent number of members that play regularly
    - create interesting stories of battles, made of actual raiding of certain ingame locations, ambushing enemy players and such..
    - most of all: having fun

    - races are important: guild consists mostly of Humans, as inhabitants of Lordaeron, with rare possibility of Dwarves that once served in Lordaeron Military,
    other races will NOT be accepted
    - player base must consist of characters around level 30 (for the sake of Horde players that are questing there and that are battling us)
    - characters are required to wear lore-correct armors, so called uniforms(forget about the bulky raid gear)

    > gear consists of mostly white and blue-colored armors or cloth with the proper Lordaeron Military tabard- the two headed eagle (for example
    Spoiler: Show
    for the Mages and
    Spoiler: Show
    for Fighters.

    Beside from that, each player can come up with something distinctive for his character only which has to pass approval by an officer.

    In conclusion:
    Players will not be forced to hard Roleplaying! Our objective is to create interesting low-level scenarios between Alliance players residing in Southshore and Hillsbrad, combined with PvPs consisted of raids and ambushes against the opposite faction, or simply encounters when patrolling around friendly-controlled territory, with all this happening in the lore-accurate armors and cloth.

    If interested:
    You can contact Abendis, Sergeant of the Lordaeron Military, now serving as a recruitment officer in Southshore, by sending him a Mail ingame.

    Abendis (to the right) with a soldier of Lordaeron, stationed in Southshore.
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