1. So neltharion was finally closed today, and there was no official announcement of the "pending things". Well I hope they do not close the forum too and if they do at least put a final statement and end this....

  2. IF we get an last update it will be smth like this

    Nelth is closed .thats it

    They wont give us coins or answers to the whole goblin/worgen problem .

    They didnt care the past 5 months why should they start now ?

    I accepted the loss of coins/toons pretty fast after we got the info nelth is closing but i really hate the whole lets ignore them for weeks/months then lets tell them in a week there will be an update and then ignore them again -.-

  3. Dont you dare remove the neltharion forums

  4. Dont you dare remove the neltharion forums
    That decision is mine and I have no intention to do that for the time being.

  5. My characters don`t exist anymore. Today i logged and I don`t have anything. Can you tell me what is going on??????

  6. My characters don`t exist anymore. Today i logged and I don`t have anything. Can you tell me what is going on??????
    Neltharion officially ceased to exist. A few days ago the server was closed and all the characters in the armory disappeared. The transfers also ended. Only the forum remains as the only memory of neltharion (for the time being).

  7. I can totally understand that you are a fórum administrator, bue since you have read these complains of all the players so far, isnt there someone that you cant talk about too maybe.. just maybe tell us something about what will happen with the worgen transfers and about the coins that we spent on the server?
    We are waiting now for about 2 weeks, and I totally understand that you guys have a lot more to work on the server, but its kinda a disrepect for the most of us.
    No news, and when we try to talk to someone above the players (in this case gms and administration) the only answer we get is to read the fórum posts.
    Me in particular cannot say that im dissapointed with you guys, and all your efforts and for that I can only thank you, got my chars to Icecrown, has I wanted, and about the coins.. honestly I really don care but ofc that if I can get some back great. Because for me retrievieng some coins whould make me donate a bit more to get some items, but if I dont get them.. thats fine by me.
    Either way hope to get some answers and I whould like to thank you all for the efforts puted on the downgrade, im very pleased with that.
    Looking forward for some aswers about all the rest (goblin/worgen transfers and maybe the coins)
    Best regards from Portugal

  8. I have asked for information from devs to be posted here. I'll keep insisting on that until it comes. Unfortunately Moderators doesn't have such info.

  9. Thank you very much for your efforts on this =)

  10. Thanks, we all would like to get closure on this. There are many of us, just most is silent and long gone from this forum section.

  11. Worgen and Goblin DOWNGRADES are now available, add your characters to the expansion downgrade system in the account panel now.

    Transfers will continue shortly, if you transfer your character now, it will go into the queue.

    Nothing has ended, the transfer system is simply down due to devs turning it off, they have been asked to turn it back on until the end of Feb.

    The armory has been turned off because Neltharion is being decomissioned, nothing has been "removed" or "ceases to exist" from Neltharion.

  12. just continue to ignore the real reasons people check this post lol. sick update fr ....

  13. I do wonder why it is so freaking hard for them to give out the statement: "no we won't refund any coins". Whats the freaking big deal? why do they post here ignoring that particular question over and over again. I mean why do you prefer the method of ignoring the topic vs one clear statement that will at least clear up everything and leaves no question?
    it doesnt make any sense to me. tbh i feel that warmane has 100% lost touch with their community again, something they said not to be happening again ever since moltdown. The comunication between staff and community has been miserable for a decade again tho.

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