1. New PvP player has questions!! =)

    My question is, is it worthwhile to re-start as a PvP player on the server?
    I would like to avoid investing time or money, just to make it clear that, for example, no random bg`s pop up!
    and which fraction would you recommend?
    Is there a PvP-oriented guild by any chance?

    Thank you

  2. I will be honest with you, things aren't looking too bright for PVP currently, i mean there are BG Que's on both faction, the latter being roughly equal in terms of player base and said player base's interest and competence in PVP, so if i was to recommande any of the two, i'd say it comes down to personal preference.

    As for guilds, i wish i could help you with that but i don't see any active PVP guilds on the alliance side, however, there are a couple of them on the Horde side, that should help you decide which faction to go for.

    Is it worthwhile though, you asked? I think you should give it a shot and decide that for yourself, i can only speak for myself and i do still play here day in day out for an hour or so, doing mostly battlegrounds, and i actually quite enjoy playing on my newfound class interest; Rogue.

    I hope you have a good time playing on Frostwolf,

  3. Well i am at +- same situation as kidarkness.
    I still play here like 1-2 hr per day just doing pvp content (mostly bg). I find play enha and demo is fun.

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