1. Loremaster problem

    Hi there i tried to get the loremaster achivement a while ago and didn't have any problem with most of the zones except Sholazar which i'm stuck on 74/75 and i tried every guide and checked everywhere and i'm not missing anything except frenzyheart quests which i can't change due to the bug that exists i needed to ask if i can do anything about and will faction change help? thanks alot

  2. That zone can be done easily.If u just doing oracles frenzy quests that count alot .

  3. That zone can be done easily.If u just doing oracles frenzy quests that count alot .
    i know they count alot and that's why i can't get it i can't switch sides between two factions since i'm an old core player and the quest for changing sides isn't working

  4. having the same problem in sholazar since i can't change between oracles/frenzyhaert any solution guys?

  5. it's been almost 5 months and i'm still stuck at 74/75 and i've tried everything even swiped Borean Tundra clean to make sure i'm not missing any chain from there,here's what Odyssey gives me: https://imgur.com/a/7LY31FB
    they're all related to Frenzyheart/Oracles i'm currently on Oracles side and i can't get anything from them even from NPC's which are summoned by items like Jaloot or Moodle and i can't swap back to Frenzyheart to see if i'm missing sth from there cause i can't get the quest A hero's burden and killing that lich in the cave doesn't start anything either can someone plz help? (T_T)

  6. Greetings

    If I remember correctly, the bug existed for alliance chars earlier.


  7. from what I heard this bug occurs to the players from old core since i've swapped between Horde and the Alliance alot idk if it could be because of that but anyway is there a way to fix it or will the GM's reset the reputation chain quest for me since it's an exceptional bug? i'm just looking for 2 quests to complete my achievement (Lunar festival elder somehow took one from my progress which used to be 74/75 and now it's 73/75) any tip for helping is appreciated

  8. i don't believe gm's will reset the chain, but you cant try making a ticket and see. the only other thing you could try would be a faction change and hope there's some faction specific quests you can do to make up the last 2, had to do that back on molten to get a zone done and t worked.

  9. Sadly i have tried switching factions too i made an in-game ticket and they said make a bugtracker report and apparently it's "Fixed" (switching from Oracles to frenzyheart) i think Sholozar is one of those zones with no faction specific quests

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