1. 5 hours ago  
    3v3 is the "balanced" bracket in wrath.... 8 pallys in the top 10 in 3v3 on icecrown then like you claim 2v2 arms/pally.... but i thought you said pallys were not op'ed and there was no "best" healer in wrath... please.
    No that was Skoobydoo. Not me. I just focused on dks. Really need to work on your memory gramps. Dat dementia seems to be is a nasty thing.

    And if you are gonna whine why not mentions the ele shamans that are everywhere in 3s? Ah yes. They don't fit your agenda.

    Sooooo... Kthxbye. Ya stupid hack....

    Judging by his last post there is not much hope that he will say something new.It's getting sad at this point, can you imagine having such a strong PTSD from 1 class that 10 years later you don't dare to even try the expansion again?
    Well he just dug an even deeper hole. I just don't want another ***** to use him as a good source of info when this subject inevitably pops up again.

  2. 5 hours ago  
    Just ignore Butkus, he is not worth replying to.

    Also, @mercy or whoever is in charge for the forums, can we get a ignore function?

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