1. RDF HC gear requierements

    not sure where to put this. people keep asking on the trade chat what is min gearscore fo rdfc hc...
    so there u have it :

  2. These are incorrect for 13-16
    I have over 200 ilvl and theyre still not unlocked for me, same goes with their normal mode variations
    over 200 ilvl and i still cant enter pos/fos for normal mode... :(

  3. Sorry i only see this now :((

    if you cannot enter it means you are most likely not yet to the correct ilvl. for example, if you are still wearing heirlooms it will count as ilvl 1.
    to make sure you fit the correct requirements you need to check every slot of your character ilvls to be as at least equal or superior to the ilvl you need to enter the dungeon.
    hope it helps

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