1. [Horde][EU/English speaking] <<Oasis>> Recruiting


    Looking for active players for our Black Temple progression as well as Hyjal/tier 5 farm.
    We're a friendly, relaxed guild with a core group that's eager to progress further.


    7/9 BT
    5/5 Hyjal
    6/6 SSC
    3/4 TK

    Raid times:

    Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 19-22:30 ST
    (Additional Karazhan farms & ZA at weekends/in between 25 man)

    Especially in need of the following classes/specs:


    • EPGP Loot system
    • Discord

    /Whisper Yetaa or any of the officers if you're interested. We're always open for new recruits no matter the class or spec, so don't be afraid to contact us :)

    P.S. We won't be taking people who've clearly bought gear pieces from the Warmane store ...
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  2. still looking for resto shamans!

  3. woop Vashj down :)
    Could use some more (backup) raiders, especially for Sundays
    Edited: November 6, 2018

  4. Hello,

    My friend (warlock) and me (Holy Paladin) are interested in joining your guild. We play Wow since 2005-2006, we played the most during TBC / LK and looking for a raiding guild with serious people who want to progress. We wish to bring our talent in your guild.

    Every time i wanted to contacted an officier in game you are raiding, so i prefer to leave a message here ! :D

    You can join ingame /w Moorgane or Morgaane.

    Cheers !

  5. Hey, any chance you'd recruit somebody who's still leveling up? I played wow vanilla till mop, always raiding and always on a Paladin (alliance tho), always holy :D Used to be quite into this game and the end-game aspect of it, now decided to come back to TBC (level 24 atm, Beelf in game). I'm in my mid-30s btw :D

  6. bump: terrible need of ENHA SHAMANS and a HOLY PALADIN !

  7. In need of a good COH for a core spot

  8. Hi there
    I'm a Coh priest 3t6 and 3.4k gs nothing being shopped

    My guild is about to disband due to a lot of ppl switching to wotlk
    I'm an active player and willing to conclude bt and on to so

    I'm not online at the moment but I would like to apply
    I'll be on Friday eve little to at least apply to one of your officers

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