1. 35K gold=que skip?

    Hi guys, a leader in my guild was offering people in guild chat a que skip by paying him 35k gold, which also gave me 1 coin, or 150k for que skip and 10 coins. Is this possible, or just a scam?

    Also, if i donate 10 to warmane and get the que skip, can i send the coins to other accounts and use that as que skip too on my alt account?

  2. que skip is only granted upon a donation. sending coins to another account doesn't grant premium. and i wouldn't trust anyone offering que skip. if you want que skip the best option is to simply donate yourself.

  3. Even if it was possible ( For example: Him donating the money to your account ) He is asking WAY more than what any of that costs.

  4. It's also against rules. He can get banned if reported.

    Players Code of Conduct
    Donating on behalf of other players is not allowed

  5. Obvious scam is obvious. 150K gold also currently amounts to about 60 coins, not ten and will soon amount to about 70-75 if a new year's gold squish happens when the ordinary value of a coin is 1000-1200 gold. Don't listen and trust people in game with such options. The only method of achieving a queue skip is the ones at the donation page. You cannot send coins to other characters either. The donation skip is not something you get for paying a certain amount - it is something you get as gratitude for contributing to the server. When you donate, you get a queue skip AND ten coins which you can spend however you want.

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