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    Are you tired of the exaggerated requirements to join a raid, making it impossible for you to gear at all? Alternatively, are you tired of having all the gear in the world with seemingly nothing to do with it? Well, we don't care! Literally, not at all.

    < We Don't Care >

    We don't care is an alliance guild in the making that presents a middle ground for those who want to enjoy all of the expansion's content; those who simply want to gear up or those who just want to get a couple of transmogification scrolls out of old raids while having fun in a non-toxic environment with friends messing around on discord. But what does the guild do? BelowI will list what the guild will be focusing on.

    Raids by item level!: These will be the main focus of the guild and the way most of those sweet sweet transmogification scrolls will be farmed. What they are is pretty self-explanatory by the name alone. We will be doing weekly raids (once or twice, depending on the number of core groups we manage to make) where everybody within the instance is geared adequately for the occasion. An example to that would be a Naxxaramas raid with no item higher than item level 200-213*, gathered from random heroics or the professions such as blacksmitting and tailoring. Guild members will cooperate with one another through instances until everybody would have their gear gathered so that everybody will be prepared for the raid. Each raid will have a dedicated enchanter in the group who would burden with the additional role of gathering and disenchanting any leftover gear. The materials of that will go to the guild bank from where they will be used for the necessary enchants of newer members and/or the ones required for the next raid tier the core groups would progress to. Excess materials will be sold with the money also going to the guild bank for rewards in future events. Rules will be polished and posted once the guild is created.

    Transmogification Contests: How many times does somebody whisper you either in the capital or in a battleground telling you: "hey, nice mog!"; well, it is time to put their word to the test in a transmog competition which is a guild event hosted by the guild (whilst still allowing outsiders to join) where everybody pays a fair fee to enter to have their transmog rated by a judge before an audience decides who the winner is via a poll. 90% of the gathered sum from fees goes for the reward of the participant whilst 10% enter the guild bank's vault.

    Val'anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings: You see people with this amazing weapon and wonder how you can obtain it yourself since nobody is running Ulduar? Well, once we progress to the Ulduar tier, the raids won't stop until every core healer had obtained this beautiful, legendary mace.

    Battlegrounds: "No! Don't put more low item levelled people into battlegorunds! REEE!! NOOBS!" Shhhh little nablet, this will be for those of us who have the gear to contribute to the battle and not for the solely raiding members of the guild. This will be just us having fun.

    Other PvP Events: Such will include 1v1, 2v2 & 3v3 tournaments with high and low gear alike bearing the participants awards paid by their own efforts of contributing to the guild's vault.

    Mount & Achievement Runs: From old and new raids alike. Do you want Herald of the Titans? Well it is basically within the guilds' rules that you complete Ulduar that way, so you don't really have a choice as long as you are in the group!

    Much, much more! Maybe.

    This post is mostly to gather interest so things can begin as soon as possible once I am able to get things started. The guild is scheduled to open doors at the 5th of November 2018 when will begin the initial grind for gear by our first core group, set to take down Naxxramas (10 Player) with items of item level 200, permitted to wear up to 3 items of item level of 213 in the face of the frost resist gear from Blacksmitting / Leatherworking / Tailoring. If you want to prepare in advance, gather about two stacks of Titanium Bars + 10 Eternal Fire & Waters + 4 Frozen orbs for your PLATE users; 10 Eternal Fire & Waters + 5 stacks of Frostweave Cloth + 1 stack of Infinite Dust + 4 Frozen orbs for your CLOTH users; 6 stacks of Borean Leather + 10 Eternal Fire + Waters + 4 Frozen Orbs for your CLOTH users. These are the materials required for the FROST RESIST gear that is going to put us through both the 10 and 25 versions of the Sapphiron encounter

    In addition, shield wielding tanks should prepare three more Frozen orbs and an increased amount of titanium bars for the sake of crafting their shields & one handed weapon. Anybody else wanting a crafted weapon can also request it while the rest will grind them out of dungeons, together with the rest of the items for the raid.
    Edited: October 1, 2018

  2. "Are you tired of the exaggerated requirements to join a raid, making it impossible for you to gear at all?" Apply immediately. Hopefully the guild would be open sooner. I'm a noob and really looking forward to joining some easy raids like Naxx10 :D

  3. Sounds great, been looking for this for a while!

  4. Ah sweet just started on the server and would love to progress throu the old raids aswell, Sign me up

    Tarvlig. Hpally

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