1. [Character Profile] Vedaar, 'Vindicator' of the <Hand of Argus>

    Name: Vedaar
    Gender: Male
    Race: Draenei
    Title(s): Vindicator
    Occupation: Mentor (formerly), Soldier, Vindicator
    Residency: Vagabond
    Affiliation(s): Shattered Sun Offensive (formerly), Naaru, Draenei, Alliance, Hand of Argus,
    Relatives: Mera (Wife)(Deceased), Medara (Daughter)(Deceased)

    Appearance: Clad in thick plate and chain mail, the stature of the Draenei is one that is rarely matched. Behind layers of metal is a steadfast character with an unwavering gaze. A fur cape, heavy on his pauldrons, drapes to the ground. Attached to his waist, a couple of parchments and a leather-bound tome act as perpetual reminders of his duties. It would be clear on first glances that the hoofed individual is a veteran, striped with pale scars over his skin. By contrast, a thin sea-shell pendant adorns his neck nested between long snowy white hair.

    Nomad; Tends to wander, never remaining in one location for long. He speculates if this third world, Azeroth, will see the same fate as his former two.
    Stoic; The ghosts of his friends and family loom in his mind. He struggles to create or hold onto close bonds with other individuals due to a prevailing fear of loss. In the face of adversity, he has learnt to maintain a brave face.
    Dutiful/Nihilist (Conflicted); The Draenei sense of duty, coupled with their pursuit of survival keeps his fiery heart burning. Despite this, grief and xenophobic thoughts have started to form cracks in his psyche.
    Pious; Unwaveringly devout to the Light like most of his kin. This can lead him to be close-minded or unsympathetic to those that are not.
    Blunt; Over time Vedaar has become lost to the formalities of conversation.
    Vengeful/Wrath; Those that harm Vedaar or his loved ones are often met with an implacable vengeance. His willingness to forgive has been whittled away by years of war.

    • Undying love for stout and cheese, specifically Darnassian Bleu.
    • The smell of burning flesh causes Vedaar to have flashbacks to the massacre on Draenor.
    • Skilled with a hammer and chisel.
    • Interested in the history of the species of Azeroth.
    • Often sees his daughter in other children.
    • Knowledge of Mycology. Able to distinguish if edible or poisonous.
    • Clumsy outside of the battlefield.

    • Born aboard Oshu’gun after fleeing Argus.
    • Began his life on Draenor as a labourer, mining arkonite within the Jorune Mine. Once a sociable character, Vedaar befriended the overseer soon thereafter establishing connections with the Artificer’s Guild. Here he met Ruhal, a respected Artificer and close friend. Vedaar spent many years as an apprentice mason, eventually lending a hand in the colonisation of Talador.
    • Founded a family with his wife, Mera, an independent scribe based at Shattrath City. The two quickly formed a lifelong bond leading to the birth of their daughter, Medara.
    • Fought relentlessly against the Orcish onslaught but inevitably lost his family to the bloodlust.
    • Broke down and became unhinged during the Draenei retreat to the Zangar Sea (aka Zangarmarsh).
    • With the support of Ruhal and lead by Velen, fled with the Exodar and crash landed in Azeroth.
    • Fell into a bout of grief and solitude.
    • Taken away from his woes by Ruhal, instead assisting in the adaption of the Exodar to become a Draenei foothold.
    • Feeling the necessity to keep busy, Vedaar decided it was vital to hone his skills in combat as a vow to protect those closest to him.
    • Enlisted in the Hand of Argus as a Blood Watch Peacekeeper to establish a military foothold in Bloodmyst Isle, falling under the wing of Vindicator Eliseel.
    • Upon the re-opening of the Dark Portal, Vedaar jumped upon the opportunity to march with an Alliance Expedition back into remains of his homeland. After confronting many demons both figuratively and literally, he wound up at his old home, Shattrath City.
    • Training with a renewed vengeance, he became a Vindicator under the Sha’tar. During his training he made friends with two brothers, Harvar and Halgaan.
    • Aided as a footman for the Shattered Sun Offensive against the Sunwell’s destruction on the Isle of Quel’Danas. Harvar and Halgaan were reported slain in a bloody battle against several Man’ari. Vedaar withstood threatening injuries but managed to survive.
    • With the renewed Sunwell, Vedaar was relieved of his duty in the Shattered Sun Offensive and returned to the Exodar in Azeroth, finding no solace in his former homeland.
    • Harboring newly founded skills, spent the majority of his time developing younger warriors attunement with the Light or carving stone.
    • Exhausted by the prospect of the third war, Vedaar did not partake in the campaign across Northrend but instead carried out training for young initiates.
    • TBC...

    Generally, the mortality of other races is insignificant compared to his lifespan. He tends to perceive them as impulsive, na´ve and unwise. As he is alien to their traditions and history, often he will feel like an interloper. To most Alliance races besides the exceptions below, Vedaar is indifferent. If they are an ally of the Alliance, they are not an enemy to him.

    Night Elves/Kal’dorei: As their closest inhabitants on Azeroth initially, there is noticeable similarities between the Night Elves and Draenei. Both races possess a history with the Burning Legion, holding a close mutual hatred as well as aging far beyond their Alliance counterparts.
    Humans: Humans are seen to have potential as a promising young race being that they are pious and share enemies in the Horde with the Draenei. On the other hand, they are reckless and require guidance so as not to do harm to the world.

    Blood Elves/Sin’dorei: Although he fought alongside many during the Shattered Sun Offensive, Vedaar always holds Sin’dorei at a distance due to their former addiction to magic and sabotage of the Exodar.
    Orcs: Vedaar holds Orcs as a primitive race of savages, easily corrupt and sat on the brink of bloodlust.
    Warlocks/Death Knights: As individuals that have forsaken the Light to undergo darker principles, he does not trust any of those that study in these practices. This is especially true of those that manipulate Fel magic.
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