1. Rejoining the "cause" - class selection advice needed

    Dear Community,

    I am looking for some well informed advice from you (and I am sorry, I am completely sure this had already been asked somewhere around here). Main question: which class to choose out of (mainly DPS role interests me): Druid, Warlock, Shaman.

    Let us assume I am a hard-worker type, I like the more complex class designs. From what I recall the above listed classes had the most complicated/unforgiving spell/ability rotation (sufficient dps if the execution is good). Feral Druid? Affliction? Enhancement? Which is the most desired in raiding? Which could be used for BGs and 2V2 arena purposes? Please select one, I will treat this as a poll (with some explanation, if you have the spare time).

    All the responses are much appreciated.
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  2. Hey, welcome back!

    I will briefly go through all the classes you mentioned and will try to cover the basics of why you should play them:

    DRUID: Feral druid is one of the harder to play but pretty fun, you need to manage quite a few things to have a good dps. On top of that, druids are very desirable in raiding because they bring combat resurrection, all specs. As well, Ferals have some nice movement utility which is always a nice addition. Overall if you want to play druid, I'd say go for it, because if you ever get bored, there are basically 4 different routes you can take with the class and can easily go with any of them. Feral tanks are the best tank in WotLK, Balance is always a nice addition to the raid, and Resto druid is a nice healer class to play as well. In PVP, druids are beasts, especially Resto healers, because they just Hot everything and go bearform, and as well noone can dispel Cyclone. Feral has nice damage, Boomkin is a bit of a bat class to play in top end PVP, but still a decent class in BGs.

    WARLOCK: A caster rdps is always a welcome class in raids, since most encounters in ICC prefer them. I have only ever played Affliction, but it's deffinitely a very good dps if you manage all of your dots. Single target Affliction is one of the best dps classes in WotLK although it does require some skill to play. Warlock also brings a nice movement utility to raids with the portal. Generally, Affliction warlock is great if you want to see yourself high on damage, but sometimes raids like to have a Destruction warlock because it brings a nice raid buff. Warlocks are as well welcome in raids because of their ability to summon people and soulstoning, basically giving a second life to a member. In PVP Affliction and Destruction are a very good class to play, with Affliction mostly focusing on having spread damage across all targets and slowly killing them through Dots, and Destruction being a more tunnel class, focusing on hard dmg to one target.

    SHAMAN: Generally the weakest dps out of the three, except if you want to go the Resto way - Resto shamans are one of the best healers in WotLK. Dps-wise, Enhancement is a bit better than Elemental, Elemental has a really boring rotation and doesn't do that big of a dps, compared to some other classes. I cannot say about Enhancement becasue I never played it. Shamans overall however still have a spot in the raid because of their major buff Bloodlust/Heroism, so either way you should be getting yourself into groups. In PVP Elemental shamans are extremely good for burst damage, one of the best classes in WotLK. It's really fun to play, since with the right gear you can literally one shot players. To play Elemental effectively you need to learn how to kite, but as a shaman, it's not a big deal. Enhancement are also a beast class in PVP, with a very high damage output.

    Overall, just pick a class you think you would enjoy most. I hope I covered most of the specs and their style of gameplay. I never mained any of these but have a general idea about their gameplay. If anyone else has more experience, please write below :)

  3. Hello and Thank you!

    This is a pretty solid explanation you pulled together that helps me a lot. Your reply shows that this server still has some "community". :) I understand the general concept of playing the class what we enjoy; however, I wanted to collect some preliminary knowledge before I choose. Druid is the most versatile, and I read that in WotLK the Warlock specs are also quite distinct.

    I started to lean towards one of them, but I am still curious about other opinions as well; probably some own experience from people who had Druid or Warlock as their Main. What was the most fun part for you? Probably not everyone enjoys watching dps bars and smashing the keyboard to make the related bar higher.

    Thank you, t4d3y! :) Much appreciated!

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