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    Druid macro

    Someone know which macro he use?https://youtu.be/3-yH-oPp5l4
    To switch to cat form and heal up.

    Which are the macros for dudu(dot, one shot etc) for feral al balanced?

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    for the heal to switch to cat form :
    /castsequence reset=6 Rejuvenation, Cat Form
    only useful for feral dudus . since balance can cast it on boomkin forms

    as for the 1 shot macro(for balance ) :
    /cast Lifeblood(Rank 9)
    /cast Incarnation: Chosen of Elune(Talent, Shapeshift)
    /cast Cloak of Shadows
    /cast Celestial Alignment

    heart of the wild is used when needed at end of the burst to heal up hard and finish the target ... :D .

    as for the 1 shot macro(for feral ) :
    /cast Incarnation: King of the Jungle
    /cast Berserk
    /cast Lifeblood(Rank 9)
    /cast Heart of the Wild(Talent)
    /cast !Cat Form(Shapeshift)!
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