1. Why did you remove my reply that I posted yesterday? The one uldott1 quoted is nowhere to be seen anymore. Also noticed you edited your own reply after deleting mine so nobody could see what I quoted from you. Alright. Go ahead and show the edit history now then, like you've done before in this thread.
    It was removed as I clearly told you to leave the thread as you had nothing to add to it anymore. I also didn't edit anything, and I have zero tolerance to being implied as or called a liar.

  2. As was countered by both myself and others, if the openings were inverted all that would happen would be what happened with Lordaeron and Icecrown. Lordaeron attracted a lot of players when it opened with a much improved core and lots of fixes Icecrown never had - this new core is the "opened before" in this case. Yet, as soon as that same core was implemented in Icecrown, we got what we have nowadays.

    Which opened before would be irrelevant in the long run, it would at most just delay what happened anyway. The sole way Medivh could have succeeded isn't if it opened first, but if there never had been an Outland with higher rates - which circles back to the very first thing I posted.

    And then for you again I propose the same challenge: if these problems you list are the cause, not players' preferences for higher rates, where are the servers out there that didn't have those problems and hence should have the players we lost capping them daily? It's just logical that if you remove what people say was the cause for Medivh to die out, the same type of server should be a success elsewhere, but even the good quality ones, the ones people here left to go play and advertised in game to get others to move with, are gone. Why are they all gone if they didn't have our problems, didn't make our mistakes, and there are enough players wanting x1 Burning Crusade servers?

    Again, the problems and mistakes at most hastened what was going to happen from the moment there was a higher rate option available, no matter if before or after. Medivh was like opening a pork restaurant in a Jewish neighborhood. It doesn't matters if the chef cooked something bad, it didn't matter if there was too little seasoning on this or that, it doesn't matters if the Kosher restaurant opened before or after the pork one. Yes, there are Jews who will eat pork, but not enough of them to maintain the pork restaurant on their own. That's also the reason no one has stepped up to show these successful Jewish pork restaurants out there.
    What other TBC servers are you talking about? Other than <...>'s there haven't really been any TBC servers out there at all.
    I'm not saying Medivh would have ever had the numbers to compete with Outlands, but had they been released at the same time and with PVP from the start I'd like to think the server would at least be alive, even if it was low pop.

    To me it seems obvious that when you have no PVP scene at all, there is little incentive for PVPers to join the server to begin with. Of course the PVP'ers will roll Outlands then. As for the people already playing there, not being able to PVP in your sparetime and outside of raids is hugly negative. As Laszxx said, having a window of about 3 months at the start of the server where PVP is basically irrelevant is obviously going to be negative for the server.

  3. What other TBC servers are you talking about? Other than <...>'s there haven't really been any TBC servers out there at all.
    I'm not talking about any, I'm asking where are they. + large amount of players wanting x1 Burning Crusade - Warmane's mistakes should logically be = in the very least a handful of servers with a large population (at least if the reason Medivh failed is to be just our decisions).

    PS: To the guy showing his genius using different accounts to post - and just increase the length of the ban - use some of that geniality to realize you had quoted two different posts of mine, both of which are there and with the same text.

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