1. gear

    how do i gear for pvp or pve as a fresh lvl 80? my friend and i keep getting made fun of for our low gs but we dont know how to fix it.

  2. Do PvE content to get 4.5-5k gearscore, then go PvP.

    Grind FoS/Pos normal runs for gear, buy 245 gear with emblems.

  3. Focus on gathering professions. Make enough money to buy boe epics from AH. Farm ICC rep for the ring. These will make enough gs for heroic dg's. Then spam HC DG's and at 4k start fos pos farm. Buy relentless with EoF and buy Furious with EoT. With 5/5 gladiator's gear and BoE epics you will be more than okay in BG's. Honor farm for wrathful offset and you are good to go for arena.

  4. You can get 232 wepaon from FOS POS and 251 Weapon with battered hilt. Furious weapons also at Vote Shop.

  5. You can do quests for reputation and purchase gear equal to Your reputation with a specific faction. Also, You can Que for RDF normal runs, You still might lift up Your gear score, if You are patient enough...

    If You are rushing with gear then just que up for RBG's, let them make fun of You. But that wasnt the question.

    Whats Your gear score?

  6. There is a lot of ways, Reputation factions, professions, Dungeons, Auctionhouse.

    The favorite one is entering random battlegrounds.

  7. Buy cheap 264 ilv items from the auction house to juice your gear up. If you're able to wear every type of armor it should cost you 1k gold maximum.

    You can then que for heroic rdf, farm emblembs etc. They will get confused why a warrior has 500 spell power, but you can just que rdf and then equip your real stuff.

  8. Start with rep on factions, if u cant get exalted with someone just buy the tabard and do normal dungeons, after that u go onto heroics and from then on its pretty easy

  9. Just listen to me man.
    If you wanna play PvP
    1- Farm some gold from quests or professions, buy yourself 78lvl blue pvp gear with 200ilvl off set with resilience from AH. That will give you like 3k gs.
    2- Then do some dungeons, cos even if you not gonna do PvE, best trinkets and relics are from PvE.
    3- When you get relic and trinket for Emblems of Triumph start spaming battlegrounds and farming better pvp gear.
    If you just wanna play PvE then do same first 2 steps as for pvp and after you get these items from first 2 steps, then continue doing heroic dungeons and FOS POS.
    You welcome.
    Also the best option for weapon would be to save up 10k gold and do battered hilt quest chain. Better option that that would be only donating.
    Edited: November 14, 2018

  10. Honestly once you hit level 80 you should have more than enough gold to just buy blues from the AH giving you enough GS to queue heroics and just farm badges for 232 gear and 245 shoulder / helm and stuff and do the ICC heroics Pit forge ect for weapons and more trinkets offsets ect also do the simple quests to unlock certain reps for enchants and get tabards so you get rep while queueing heroics or do the quests while in queue.

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