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  1. This is not new duel zone.
    They already used it on all old A-T realms (TBC and LK).
    Btw this zone is too small and has lots of useless buggy pillars(broken walls).

  2. Sure, I can correct you. There are no promises in that post or in what you quote. There are perhaps intentions, perhaps expectations, perhaps plans that changed, as can be easily exemplified by how AT also expected "to open up PvP realms on those expansions again" for Cataclysm, Mists and Warlords, which we never did after we absorbed it.

    I understand what you're saying but your entire argument is based on semantics. Sure I agree that these things were said a very long time ago, but the constant show of disapproval of this realm (from staff not connected to old AT)to begin with is what frustrates many people.

    When the owner of a server says "nothing will happen to X and Y" that is what it means, no expectations, no insinuations and no plans. This was said and what we were told, now that is based on old information so its no longer relevant but still, the loyal AT player base has remained loyal and rewarded with close to nothing other than promises of a better tomorrow.

    Its a fact that the AT player base brought over quality to the PvP scene that Molten-wow just didn't have, sure its the least popular realm now (maybe MoP struggling a bit more) but its also the best of its type. Its also a bit obnoxious (no pun intended) when you feel the need to point out so clearly that Molten absorbed arena-tournament and didn't merge. Yes, molten wow had a bigger player base but this is a perfect time to use the quote quality over quantity.

    And by quality I mean what AT provided which Molten did simply not have.

  3. So yeah, deleting my post. Well done!

  4. Comments being deleted, lmao

  5. Dear user Espenenebv. You talk about semantics with the Moderator, but you also make use of them.

    It really doesn't matter if AT brought a "quality" that Molten did not have at the time. The realm was incorporated to our server and we tried to keep most things from it still running. But, I must remind you that Warmane runs under another admnistration with different views and rules which you must abide if you wish to continue playing here. Old AT's administration doesn't decide such things anymore. If you dislike that, you are not forced to play here.

    Much like many people lost their accounts during our unfortunate Moltdown, a few "rights" were lost altogether when AT got absorbed. This cannot and will not be changed. The discussion will lead nowhere. Persistence will lead in forum suspension. I hope my response satisfy you instead of having the posts deleted.

  6. deleting players posts is pretty lame tho haha

    its like telling them ok you won but dont tell anybody plz :'((( hahaha

  7. No, it's more like telling them what they posted is inappropriate. Keep on the topic please.

  8. deleting players posts is pretty lame tho haha

    its like telling them ok you won but dont tell anybody plz :'((( hahaha
    No, quite the contrary. The reason for the deletions were two-fold: one, I had already stated previously that the subject was over; and two, the post added nothing, just repeated the delusion of "unfulfilled promises" we've heard from AT players for years.

    Let's reiterate some fact: AT was going to close; the only thing that thing that kept some of its legacy going was becoming a part of Warmane; Malaco didn't make administrative decisions for Warmane so anything he might have posted weren't promises; Warmane isn't AT and anything that was done in AT, for AT or expected from AT is void, unless we decide otherwise, and while still reserving ourselves the right to make even those void at any time, as happened with "VIP" benefits; "quality" is often used as a blanket argument, but it can't be forgotten that, for example, a "quality lame joke" still remains a lame joke; lastly, Mercy's post should have been clear enough, especially in the last sentence, but apparently it wasn't, so let's make it (hopefully) clear that further posts on this dead horse won't be tolerated.

  9. I am really sorry for Malaco.
    Your project would survive anyway, you gave up too fast.
    Now let's hope for the best.

  10. hi i just want tell its cool with the the xrealm and what i Think about good Changes and how it should be. First it would be nice if u could fix auto attack through pillars if its going live on blackrock like it is now on icecrown i already told its blizzlike but its not good thats why it was fixed first on tournament i dont even know if this crossrealm is only for bg or if its for arena aswell then i Think u should look into it. Secondly it would be nice if u could make something new on blackrock maybe some fun features like the isle u made a bg in a World zone or something just silly not to silly that it looks like a non serious server but something cool new i think u can think of something i think this feature is key for more players to come,if its even possible for u to recreate, add stuff into the game. and last but not least it would be cool if u could fix when slowed u actually walk slow not running slow best regards nerdx

  11. 3 Weeks Ago  
    Who in there right mind thinks that double melee dps is a good idea?

    It should be that 3v3 and sq are almost the same thing with sq being able to be played without a team. The people who play double melee dps 3v3 comps are not looking to play anything skill based.

    I think that instead of making it either option presented in the poll we should have 3v3 compositions that we know people actually play. Examples include Rogue Mage Priest, Rogue Warlock Shaman, Druid Hunter Warrior, Priest Rogue Warlock and DK Warlock Druid.

    I think it should be just like the matchmaking we find in more modern games. The sq system should be trying to match players into viable compositions that make arena matches balanced.

    Then we could handicap the time required to be in the que for the classes and talent trees that take longest to get into arena. It would be a weighted scale just like what occurs with personal rating where the average of the players sq rating is used to pair them against another team.
    roguemagepriest = RMP
    warlockwarriordruid = WLD
    roguewarlockshaman = RLS
    magewarlockshaman = MLS
    magewarlockdruid = MLD
    paladinhunterdeathknight = PHD
    hunterwarriorpaladin = HWP (War = prot)
    paladinhuntershaman = Beast Cleave
    mageshamanpriest = Shatterplay
    warlockpriestshaman = Shadowplay
    warlockdeathknightdruid = Shadowcleave
    roguewarlockdruid = RLD
    warriormagedruid = WMD
    warriormagepriest = WMP
    roguepriestshaman = RPS (shadow priest resto shaman)
    shamanwarlockdruid = LSD
    hunterwarlockdruid = HLD
    warriormagepaladin = WMP
    warriorwarlockpaladin = WLP
    druidwarriorpaladin = Starstorm (boomkin)

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