1. Toon name issues

    Realm : Icecrown
    Issue : So i was trying to create a priest named "abcdefgh" and by mistake i created a mage. I logged off and went back to char screen and deleted the mage and tried to recreate the priest and got error "name not available". Then i logged other account and did the same with my level 3 shaman, deleted shaman and tried to create a random toon with same name and got the same error.
    Can we know whats going on with this policy recently ? or is it some kind of new server glitch ?

    Update : Tried adding same named toon to friend list ingame on other toon on both factions, it dint work..
    Weird that toon with the name doesnt exist and i cant use the name right after 50 sec.
    Edited: December 4, 2018

  2. wait for as server crash/restart

  3. Server has crashed multiple times, name is still not available.

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