1. Recently deleted character, name unavailable

    So I just deleted a character with a name let's say "Wow123name" from my account and wanted to create a new one with the exact same name but the game's telling me that that the name is unavailable. What's going on?

  2. Currently happening to me too. I've been waiting almost a damn week just to make a new character with the name I want.

  3. Characters are stored just in case you want to revive them at coin or vote point cost, you can revive them for free only once with in 24 hours or 2 days I think, so possibly could be the reason you cant recreate with that specific name would be my guess.

  4. i have made 2 character back then with same name what i mean is created 1 character played it a bit then deleted it then made another with same name it worked perfectly but its not working now saying name is unavailable

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