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    Hi guys!
    I need some help with a couple of things. First and foremost, is there a GM list or something? I got a report filed on me by a player whose name was "Qsomeone" (not his actual name) and briefly I got a /w from "Csomeone" (impersonating a GM?) asking about the report and saying the claim was right and that I will be banned for 4 days over the next 24hrs. I don't know who this GM is and all I know is I lost 1+ hour debating whether I was the one in the wrong or not. Which brings me to my second question: do GMs contact players in-game about this stuff? Only once did I file a report on a ninja looter but I never got contacted in any way. Last but not least, help me clarify all of this situation:
    The rolled item is a shield.
    I rolled need on it as a Warrior (Tank) and so does the Shaman (Healer).
    My shield has +5 Strength and has 9 Block and 495 Armor. Healer's shield has 161 Armor but no stats.
    The shield we are rolling for gives +3 spirit and has 18 Block and 795 armor. I win the roll. He demands it claiming it's a healer item, I refuse, hell breaks loose. He files a report.
    The GM (?) says the claim is a valid one considering that the +5 STR outwheigh the +3 SPR. Fair enough. But as I told him, that's not why I rolled on it.
    Am I not allowed as a Prot Warrior to roll need on the +300 armor +9 block now? Is the GM (?) wrong or am I? Did I just ninja? What now? I now have to wait 24hrs to see what's up with my account? As you can see, I could use some help over here. It's already been 2hrs since the incident, and the time I had to play before going to work was just wasted. So yeah, some help would be nice. I just don't know what to do from here.
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  2. List of GMs: http://forum.warmane.com/group.php?groupid=127

    If a GM contacts you to inform that you will get banned, it will be 1 message that tells you that you are getting banned and a few seconds later you will get disconnected because of the ban. There is no 24 hour waiting or discussing the ban for 1 hour. Also if a GM is whispering you, there will be Blizzard logo before his name. Example: http://www.myeasygold.com/images/2010.

    If you have screenshots of him impersonating a GM, you can report it. It usually results in a permanent ban.

    If he actually reported you, what you did might be considered ninja looting and you might get banned for a few days (usually 3 days for first ban).

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