1. 5 Days Ago  

    New Boxer looking for friends!

    I'm looking for Friends :>

    Is there a multibox discord?
    recently started playing and got a 5 shaman team at level 15 atm, no idea what i'm doing.
    i did spend about a week on multiboxing a 5 man team before but just got to level 20 ish

    now i play ally on Icecrown, but i'm really just looking for anyone willing to give me some tips and tricks :)

    i use HotkeyNet cause that's what i used last time

    Goal is to somehow get to 80 and do some pve

    The dream would be 10/25 Wotlk raids but i gotta take small babysteps, one at a time

  2. 4 Days Ago  
    If your goal is PvE, I would suggest going pallies, or a combination of them, and a priest/Dk.

    It gives you the ability to Que in rdf solo, and once geared, they melt through most HC's easily.

    As for tips, there are so many guides, out there on this topic. Here in these forums, on duel-boxing.com and always Youtube.

    Boxing is at least in my opinion, doing things by yourself, that includes finding your own style.

    My single best piece of advice is, this is not easy as you think, but don't stop, play how you want, and if you stick with it, it is very rewarding.

    Good luck!

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