Hi guys, my name in game is Buldoozer (Icecrown, Horde), well i m a old player from Molten WOW, i leave this server when we lose all, i lose two char's with more than 200 hour's play time, one Paladin (Retribution, full BiS with LoD) and one Warrior (Fury, with LoD), so i lose all and stop playing here and playing in Retail, but now i return to this server, and look for a nice guild, good people, for fun moment's, good raid's, etc, i start play yesterday, have BiS Weapon's, BiS Trinket's, and BoE Plates, and i m a experienced player, so if any guild need one Warrior Fury, /w me in game (Buldoozer) :)

PS- Sorry my english

Cumpz, Bul