1. Old player getting back

    Hello guys, I decided to come back on your server after a long break and I used to have my characters on the Deathwing realm. Is there any way i can restore them? I have proof in my account purchase history of the existence of those characters. And if this is not the proper way to contact the customer service, can any of you guys point me in that direction? Thank you very much
    Edited: December 11, 2018

  2. Make a support ticket on website here or send an email to [email protected]

  3. Thanks. I've sent an email stating that I also have proof of the existence of the characters in my purchase history. Hope it will get sorted out because there was the 25hc sword from coins too.

  4. Let me know if this gets sorted - I filed a ticket as well and would like to know the answer

  5. I've received an answer from them stating that they cannot recover my old characters since they offered a 15 months period of time for players to ask for a recover but what then can do is offer me a "refund" of the items that I've bought from their shop.

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