1. This is why i REALLY like warmane people

    This morning i decided to make a group for tc 25 to help newbies to get gear and make some money with boe

    It's took me1h30 to make the group, 1H30 where i was totaly focus on who should i take

    speaking with this full armor pen paladin who was made coz i took a rogue 4K9

    speaking witht his 3K8 sp spaming me 10 message per minute to know if he can come in group

    looking at this cancer global chat

    but, after 1H30, here we go!! we got a very good group, some friend bis, some newbie 4K8 gs...

    and now amazing thing begin

    whne i was doing the normal buls**** when u make a raid (assign pala buff, asj for MS/OS) someone did a ninja pull

    well, it doesnt mater

    after this, wow, when i saw the loot i was happy: there was for 20k gold of boe/pattern

    but someone had a great idea

    he decided to ninja pull again


    its ok

    20 k lost, doesnt matter, lets ejoy the raid with my friend and boost the newbies

    ooo ****, trinket didnt loot in 2nd boss

    o nice, 2 heal left, what a surprise

    o, that strange, 3 other dps leaving

    And this how a warmane pug end

    after more than 2 hours of grouping + raid

    20 k gold lost

    2 boss down

    and its happen almost 20% of my raid, people acting like ******, afk without saying it to the RL,ninja pull...

    No more pugs

  2. oh, and the first ninja pull happened exactly 1 min after everyone was summoned in toc, i'm doing thing really fast as RL but there is somes thing u can not cut (like pala buff assign and asking for MS)

    for the first time in my life i'm really mad because a video game

  3. join a guild man, stop torturing yourself

  4. These kind of things tend to happen with random people.

    - People who say they have 5k+ gear score, but when you inspect them at dungeon entrance > they have like 4.5 or lower.
    - People will njina pull, troll or taunt the boss from tank on purpose > then blame how tank was bad.
    - Master looter guy might loot all items for him , thus creating njina looting guy. He will in 90% get banned. So this is another reason why playing with random people is bad.
    - Healers actually not healing at all, people not knowing the basic things what to do in each raid/dungeon really makes experience bad.

    And don't forget that it may suddenly happen that you have like 10+ paladins in your raid and you have no idea how...

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  6. These kind of things tend to happen with random people.

    - Healers actually not healing at all
    That's a very rare chance.

    Most usual things are:
    - lying about GS.
    - GS whoring.
    - posting fake achievements.
    - AFK here and there.
    - leavers when their loot didn't drop.
    - class ignorance, claiming to know the class which they don't.
    - slackers, doing their bare minimum.
    - asking higher GS than the content could possible provide.
    - people whining from every single little thing.
    - anything that has value is reserved.
    - "get in a guild"

  7. Well, tbh I had the exact opposite yesterday. Usually my pugs are kinda like this, but I joined a random ICC 25 yesterday expecting not much more than getting maybe to PP, and we ended up on Sindy, with a nice group (not even talking about skill/gear, just nice people) and no whiners/leavers. Felt like it made all the bad pugs worth it for me :)

    Anyway, for that kind of problems, for sure there's no "real" solution other than "join a guild".
    But inspecting people already goes a long way to prevent the most common problems of GS (either straight up lying or just having BS gear to boost it).

    I guess the other solution would be to add "good" pug members in your friend list and contact them when you're trying to make a pug to see if they're interested. But that's pretty much making a guild at this point.

  8. Is this wall if crap worth reading ?

  9. Is this wall if crap worth reading ?
    I just read it and the answer is no. I don’t think I understood everything also. In general, it’s story about a guy who decided to waste his time creating a pug.

    Conclusion: Poor guy probably won’t do it anymore.
    Edited: December 10, 2018

  10. pugs are cancer. why would you subject yourself to cancer.

  11. Just do as they suggested, join a guild or make one of your own.
    There are just so many issues assembling pugs that will make the experience painful rather than enjoyable; Language barrier, Ego and slacking are the most common.

  12. This is the main reason why I never join 25 man pug raids. 10 mans are more or less controllable so I only pug those and keep my 25 man IDs for my guild.

  13. I joined a guild and bohala no more rage ... PST: Truestory man!

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