1. Can we post our weapon on the 2nd of Jan, or it needs to be submitted before the 2nd?
    I will be closing the submissions sometime on the 2nd. It'll be whenever I'm available to do so and start judging the submissions. Try to be done before then.

  2. plisicK's brutal gladiator plate helm

    this is slightly altered replica of Brutal Gladiator's Plate Helm, which i made several years ago.
    its made of soldered iron sheets (body), copper wire (armature), plywood (horns), and conkrete (surface shapes), painted with aqua colours and warnish (i should have done finish better, but i left it rough for specific look), green jewel on forthead has green led inside, light is dimm cause batery is low.
    i made it to fitt me, and is fully wearable (for per say carnival), it weighs aproximately 2 kg.

    i understand that this isnt weapon, nor art, so i dont qualify for ewent, i'd just like to use this oportunity to share this with you, and get your opinions /criticism on it.


  3. Naur’felo

    The sun was rising slowly, breaking through the shadows of the night and beginning to warm with its gentle touch. Darshadric did not have the time nor the interest for daily activities such as having breakfast or attending to the wahsroom. The young apprentice opened the book at the page where he left 4 hours before, after falling asleep in the library.
    "...the mightiest of them, the fearsome Firelord, Ragnaros, aligned himself with Deathwing, the Black Dragon, and Al'Akir the Windlord to fullfill the ancient Prophecy of the Hour of Twilight. He tried to destroy the World Tree, but thanks to the efforts of the Cenarion Circle and many mortal heroes of the Horde and the Alliance he was finally defeated and slayed. Though the Essence of the Fire is part of the world itself, and Ragnaros was made of the very primordial force of the creation, it can not be destroyed. His Core, the Hearth of Fire, was reclaimed for Kalecgos, the former Aspect of Magic, and it is conserved within the mages of The Kirin Tor for study purposes."
    _So it's true! -exclaimed the exhausted boy- Naur’felo is kept here!
    The young apprentice looked in the direction the voice came of, and discovered his owner, Archmage Praethenon. The guardian of the library was furious, because Darshadric, as a novice in the Kirin Tor, was not allowed in that section of the library.
    _I…I was…
    Darshadric closed his tired eyes and took a long breath before answering.
    _I am sorry, Archmage. I know my presence here is not permitted, but I had to know. After all, as the Great Antonidas used to say, "curiosity is the most powerful and dangerous attribute of a mage".
    Praethenon couldn't avoid showing a half smile after the double-meaning phrase.
    _Darshadric, let me be honest with you. You don't study for your exams and you sleep in many of your classes. Still, you manage to pass the exams and there's no doubt you are a good promise as a future mage. So tell me, why take the risk of being banished from the Kirin Tor? You know there is dark material in this section, that is why students are not allowed here. What were you reading?
    Darschadric shows him the book in the page he was reading.
    _Naur’felo? Is that all about? What do you want with the Hearth of Fire?
    _That's why I don't pay attention in class, Archmage. Difficult times are coming, and the only school of magic I'm interested in is the one I find the most useful at war times, the Fire school. The sorcerer who can bend the hearth of the Firelord to his will would have the power to burn down all his enemies.
    Praethenon couldn't believe what he was hearing. A boy speaking of taking the core of an Elemental Lord and using it against his enemies.
    _That’s it, get out of here before I change my mind and speak to the Council of this!
    _But Archmage…
    Darshadric took his books and went to his classes. But he didn’t know that Praethenon would actually speak to the Council of the Six about his idea.
    _It is impossible, no mortal can expect to carry Naur’felo and survive. -said Kalecgos-. I barely can keep it at the special room where now lies.
    _We don’t fully understand the Hearth of Fire, and he’s just a boy! -intervene Archmage Modera-.
    _Well, a boy who has spent his entire youth learning and practicing the Fire school, -argued Archmage Karlain- while none of us had mastered it, I said we give him a try.
    _You can’t be serious, he’ll die! -exclaimed Modera- Please Khadgar, tell me you are not considering this.
    _I actually am -said the leader of The Six- our time is running out, Naur’felo has been here for how long? How many years after the Battle of the Firelands, and still no progress? We need answers, and Darshadric could be one. End of discussion, we will all be there, and protect the boy if things go wrong.
    The day after
    Darshadric and the Archmages of the High Council were heading to the room where Naur’felo was kept. The apprentice was terrified, everything happened too fast. But he will not let his feelings go out of control, it was his moment. As they entered the secret room, a wave of heat knocked them all to the floor, the temperature was incredibly hot.
    _Make a shield around him. -ordered Khadgar- Go on, Darschadric, we wait here. Do not get out of the shield or you will burn.
    Darschadric walked into the centre of the room. There it was, Naur’felo. The sphere of fire was so brilliant that he had to close his eyes to get near of it. Darschadric emptied his mind and focused on everything he knew about the magic of elements. With his mind disciplined, he tried to bend the Core to his will. He got rejected, falling on his knies. “Fire also means reborn, purification” thought him, and he understood what it needed to be done. No mortal could wield such a power, so he should die first. He broke the shield and let himself being absorved by the fire, his skin starting to melt as the transformation began. He felt the elemental energies passing into his soul, now forever bended to Fire. The Archmages of the Council were ready to destroy the entity.
    _TELL US WHO YOU ARE OR DIE! -exclaimed Khadgar-.
    _It’s me, Archmage, Darshadric -said the boy, his eyes two blazing depths to the abyss- the Bringer of Fire.

    Equip: Increase your Fire damage by 5%
    Equip: Pyroblast´s crits grants you Touched by Flames, increasing Haste by 250 for 10 sec

  4. Zulfiqar

    Swords were the perennial symbol of empires, knighthood, chivalry, and fantasy. They were also one of the world’s most ancient weapons, which were used in wars. Arabs were not the first to do so, but their level of skill in using the sword in wars was considered exceptionally marvelous. Even the bravery of tribes was judged on the basis of their efficiency in swordsmanship.

    Hazrat Ali was a notable swordsman whose skills are still being remembered.
    Zulfiqar is the legendary sword with which Hazrat Ali was blessed by Hazrat Muhammad PBUH during a war. Here are more facts about Zulfiqar.

    Zulfiqar is an arabic word which means “cleaver of spine”. It was the only sword of that time which had double edges.
    “No Man Is Like Ali And No Sword Is Like Zulfiqar”

    Equip: Increase your Strenth by 1200
    Equip: Increase Crit 10%
    Equip: Increase 5%damage to Undead
    Wearing this Sword Fills with Holy Aura

    By the way I just added this Sword Because its look cool
    and edited some words ...

  5. Kael'thar, the Cursed Axe of Diseases

    Kael'thar, the Cursed Axe of Diseases

    Kael'thar is believed to be forged in Orgrimmar originally for undead General Putress. The weapon would have given him
    unprecedented strength and power. And so it happened... For many years, thanks to Kael'thar, General Putress managed to win even extremely hopeless battles. The weapon began to sow fear throughout Azeroth, and Putress himself was considered as one of the most influential and of course most powerful Horde leaders. This made him achieve the Grand Apothecary title. Unfortunately, more power made him think irrationally...
    Everything changed during the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, where the Grand Apothecary Putress and his forces
    betrayed the Horde. After unleashing the New Plague on the gathered forces of Bolvar Fordragon and Dranosh Saurfang he made Lich King to retreat. Lord of the Scourge was so scared of Putress power that at the last moment, he casted an irreversible curse on the axe and hid in it all the diseases of the World... At first, Putress did not know what happened, but with time terrible diseases began to harass both him and his army. He understood that something is wrong with the Kael'thar because the weapon changed its color from blue to light green over time. Putress knew that the weapon was made of an extremely strong and enchanted ore, but holes appeared in it as if the weapon itself was suffering from disease. He got very scared because he knew that something bad was enchanted inside his weapon, which is why he hid Kael'thar in the deep abyss of Undercity in secrecy.
    A blind fate caused the weapon to be found by Jaina Proudmoore after the Battle for Undercity and was taken to Stormwind.
    At first, Archmage of Kirin Tor did not know what she was dealing with because the weapon unrecognizably changed its color and was surrounded by green flames. It could end tragically for the forces of the Alliance, if not Bishop DeLavey who, thanks to the knowledge of orcish runes, quickly recognized the weapon. Then he passed it to the dwarven engineers in Ironforge. After long research on the axe, dwarfs found out exactly the same as Grand Apothecary Putress. They were in possession of a weapon enchanted by extremely strong and destructive spells.
    Lord of Ironforge, King Magni Bronzebeard convened the Alliance leaders' meeting as soon as possible. After long
    discussions about what to do with Kael'thar, it was decided to hand him over to the strongest of human soldiers - warlock Vladyr, the Undying, to hide this cursed weapon once and for all in a place unknown to anyone and to care of it with powerful spells so that the whole Azeroth would forget about this axe...
    However, bounty hunters are still looking for Kael'thar to this day as they believe the weapon would give them eternal fame
    and unimaginable amount of money. Rumors say that Vladyr, in times when he was doing this mission, so important to Alliance, was seen in Seradane, north-east Hinterlands... But yet, to this day no one knows the place of burial of Kael'thar, the Cursed Axe of Diseases. No one, except one person...

    The artwork

    From the author

    This is my original project from scratch. As you can see, I'm a more traditionalist, as I love drawing and painting more than
    creating things in computer programs. I hope you like the artwork. You can add me on Icecrown realm - warlock Vladyr. Take care!
    Edited: December 31, 2018

  6. "The Lost One"

    Legend says it was found by a skillful rogue in Black Temple after Illidan's fall shattered inside of it.....
    The rogue went a little bit more inside the Temple and saw something quite interesting...
    By his word the Sword looked alive. It was hiding from everyone on the ceiling carefully moving so it doesn't make any noise.
    But it was caught up by the rogues attention and he did parkour to get it , but waited for every one to leave so they don't see it.
    Carefully and flawlessly caught the Sword.
    The poor rogue soon be found on the floor passing out.....
    The Sword took over him.....
    Stole his soul and mind.....

    After that no one ever heard of him since then.....

    This story told a young Orc who was spying the rogue for stealing his gold.....
    One of the Sword power's was to make Iillidan's wings appear on him and with strong power to crush the wall in front of them.

    But no one believed him.

    ~ "The Lost One " ~

  7. I won't do any description nor do I have a clear idea, but I wanna share what came to mind...A weapon that can proc either a Cripple debuff, or a Shrink debuff, to be a pvp sensation...

    Happy Feats of Winter Veil!

  8. Draksadd,Toothed Blade Of Riknut

    Draksadd,Toothed Blade Of Riknut
    Riknut was a fair warrior,good blacksmith and an honorable person.As a young lad he forged his first sword out of scrap metal found near his fathers farm,toothed it and called it Draksadd(Dragons teeth on old norse language).Even tho it was his first blade,it was very durable,and it was Riknuts weapon of choice durring 3rd War in which he himself had fought.Riknut died at very end of 3rd war and was burried in unknown location with his trusry sword,to rest for centuries.That is untill Lich King raised him to fight for him.Riknut Continued fighting with his sword for Arthas,and in his name he slayed many innocents,painting his sword in blood.With every kill wielder became more stronger,his health replenished as he massacred people he used to call Kin,decorating sword in bones and blood of fallen men.However Riknut managed to break free of Lich Kings control,and disgusted by terrors made by his sword he shattered it into two pieces,Hilt and Blade.He put hilt into his long lost grave,never to see light of day again,and blade itself,he used it to feel Halion in hopes that his Draksadd never be touched by human hand again.

    Draksadd,Toothed Blade of Riknut
    Requires Level 80
    Classes:Death Knight,Paladin,Warrior
    Two handed sword Speed 3.50
    +185 Strenght
    +250 Stamina
    Increases Critical Strike Rating by 100
    Increases Expertise by 100
    Enemy Health reduced while wielding this weapon gives player Blood Of Foes effect.
    Chance on hit: Wielder gains Ancient Blood Effect(Different for every Class)
    Use:Consumes Blood Of Foes

    2% of enemy health reduced while wielding this weapon is kept in Sword.Effect lasts for 10 minutes and stacks up to a maximum of players health.Consuming the Blood Of Foes heals player.
    Death Knight: Gives 2 Death runes and increases attack power by 900
    Warrior: Gives 50 rage and increases attack power by 900
    Paladin: Restores 10% of mana and increases attack power by 900


    -Riknut (lvl 80 DK,Icecrown Server)

  9. Sugoth, Blade of Leeching

    Initially this Blade was no different from other weapons amongst it. During the Winterskorn War, The Iron Vrykul, were armed against Loken, when he exiled the titan-forged from Ulduar. With the help from the Dragon Aspects, the Winterskorn were put into a timeless sleep. Barely comparing to any legend, the blade fell out of existence, except for one...

    Deep beneath the frozen waste, the weapon had undergone many forms of deterioration which reduced it greatly in form and size. Around this time, guard over Ulduar had slowly weakened and fallen under a dark will. The black blood of Yogg-Saron, known as Saronite have become ever present in Northrend which allowed for his malice to seep into what was left of this blade. With the rise of the Lich king, the scourge rose to a new power and Northrend became a realm overun by undead.

    The blade was then rediscovered from saronite excavations in Ymirheim, for the scourge used this material in architecture, armory and weapons. Captured slaves were forced to mine this wicked ore, and would hear the whispers of the old ones and often go mad or commit suicide. The blade could not be handled by lowly servants or slaves. Agents from The Cult of the damned retrieved the artifact where it then came into possession of Lady Deathwhisperer.

    Although in service of the Lich King, even Lady Deathwhisperer became affected by this weapon and learned much from it. She became obsessed with the curse of flesh and finding ways to manipulatie it. Astonishingly, the parasitic malevolence, residing within the artifact started taking a toll on even someone as powerful as Lady Deathwhisperer, which forced her to devise a mana barrier to resist it power.

    After the downfall of the Lich King, the sword is retrieved by an adventurer whom must seek to stabilize its power.

    Questline: This quest chain (available only to classes: priest, mage and warlock) would start in Ymirheim mines when the player confronts Drakspeaker R'khem and frees him from imprisonment. He would make mention of the blade where the player then discovers the existence of this blade. After investigation the player will be asked to slay Lady Deathwhisperer on 25 man Heroic, to find the blade blade reforged. At this point the blade can be equipped, but is too unstable to manipulate its bonus effect, and must be infused with primordial Saronite.


    Spoiler: Show
    I might post a video link of me working on the sword.
    Edited: January 2, 2019

  10. Dragon's Spirit


    According to the legends, long years ago there lived an elven weaponsmith who was curious about dragons. As time passed, the curiosity became an obsession for the elven weaponsmith who wanted to capture and preserve the power of dragons in form of a weapon. Being the slave of his obsession, he started to hunt dragons. He captured countless of dragons; used their breath to forge the weapon and pierced their hearts with it to preserve their spirit into the weapon. He could only see the destruction and agony he left behind over forging the weapon after completing it and expelled himself by taking the weapon with himself and vanishing to prevent further destruction caused by it. . .

    Dragon's Spirit
    Binds when picked up
    One-Hand Dagger
    391 - 592 Speed 1.80
    (270 damage per second)
    +84 Agility
    +84 Stamina

    [X]Red Socket
    Socket Bonus: +7 all stats
    Durability 90/90
    Requires Level 80

    Equip: Increases attack power by 120.
    Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to unleash Dragon's Breath,
    dealing 615 to 671 damage to the target and igniting it for 644 fire
    damage over 5 sec. After successfully applying Dragon's Breath to a
    target you will be granted by Dragon's Spirit, increasing your agility
    and haste rating by 55 for every successful melee attack for 10sec
    (stacks 5 times).

    "Anar'endal dracon."

    Spoiler: Show
    -It is original artwork
    Anar'endal dracon = By the breath of the dragon
    Edited: January 2, 2019

  11. The thread has been closed and we will be deliberating our own votes on a winner. Everyone else may participate in a poll that you can find here: http://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=396565

  12. Announcing the winners!

    1st place: Fel Staff of Demonic Empowerment by Chaoren
    You win the Legendary Weaponsmith forum title and ONE item of your choice for transmog in-game on the realm of your choice! (Does not include legendaries.)
    Please contact me so that I can have your item and character choice forwarded so that you can receive your winnings!

    Everyone did great this year! We had a lot of AMAZING weapon concepts in this event and it was really difficult to choose the winners (no, seriously, it really was)! Thank you everyone for participating and have a Happy 2019!

  13. Announcing the winners!

    1st place: Fel Staff of Demonic Empowerment by Chaoren
    You win the Legendary Weaponsmith forum title and ONE item of your choice for transmog in-game on the realm of your choice! (Does not include legendaries.)
    Please contact me so that I can have your item and character choice forwarded so that you can receive your winnings!

    Everyone did great this year! We had a lot of AMAZING weapon concepts in this event and it was really difficult to choose the winners (no, seriously, it really was)! Thank you everyone for participating and have a Happy 2019!
    so the staff votes decided the 1st place, can we know to whom the individual staff member votes went to?

  14. Yes, I'd like to know this also last year you posted individual staff votes, after all these are the votes that deciede the 1st place.

  15. so the staff votes decided the 1st place
    Yes, as stated in the event post.

    The staff votes were as follows;
    Palutena - The Lorehammer by Zaravonjin
    Repost - Fel Staff of Demonic Empowerment by Chaoren
    Obnoxious - Darling Blades of Forgotten Love by Crystalleia
    Empyrean - Kael'thar, the Cursed Axe of Diseases by Dyrek
    Justmarried (Warden) - Be’Thar, Cursed Greatblade of Zanyu
    Anyone0 (Warden) - Tiros'Archai, Bond of the Dragonflights by Massile
    Mercy - Fel Staff of Demonic Empowerment by Chaoren

    We weren't expecting so many good submissions. I think a change in the reward structure in the future is necessary. We'll make sure that more rewards are distributed in the future. There are a lot of submissions that were very good and deserved to win.

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