1. Thank you for the events!Great work like always.
    Happy holidays to everyone!

  2. We have a saying in my country - You give them a finger and they ask for the whole hand.

    I don't understand how can you be so ungrateful. Why do you expect to get a fully geared character in a few days. Server tried their best and put a lot of work into something that will give FREE EoF and everyone is saying that the event is bad. The event is perfect actually. I played for about 30 minutes and got 10 emblems and i am happy with that. You guys are claiming that you are fighting with other raids over one group of aliens. Just move your raid to different location. Aliens spawn in 3-4 maybe 5 different territories and on 4-5 different locations on a territory so there is Emblems for everyone. I spoke to some friends and they got 60-70 emblems in 2-3 hours. So it is possible you just can't find a good and organized raid group to do your farm. And for god's sake it's just the first day you will have plenty of time to get emblems.

    And for the server, thank you for the awesome event, it is a little bit hard, but it's fun and we get great rewards. But from what i read on this thread, this community don't deserve this next year.

  3. this is the best event i have finally decided to delete wow and do smth useful
    A ****ing holiday event made you decide to quit and do "something useful?" Lol I guess you have other problems going on then ;)

  4. I personally think that being able to gear a character in a few days from nothing is not healthy neither for community, nor for economy. People want free stuff. With low drop chances you get the opportunity to farm extra eofs after you do all your weekly raids and need a few more for an item, etc. Nobody forces you to farm them, this is just a bonus. If in your case the end result is not worth the effort you put into it - simply do not join the raids.

    As far as the "exploit" goes, based on what I have seen, the little adds do not drop anything, at least it hasn't happened for me this year. Therefore, I think, it is reasonable to assume that "resetting the encounter" is not entirely an exploit, it helps you finish the quest faster, but I wouldn't consider it as something game-breaking, or whatever some people think. The problem is that people in raids normally start arguing about this and it doesn't end well, but that's a whole different problem.

    I would like to ask for a solution to the issue of the Bad Santa not finishing the quest. I was in the raid the two guys mentioned above, have screenshots and stuff. Is there a way to somehow complete the quest at this point? And, well, the drops weren't as satisfying considering the amount of time it took to kill the boss. The fight itself was fun, but I left wanting something more.

    Thanks for the events, though. They do add something different to the "routine" of an old game. It's not supposed to be a giveaway of bis items or anything of that nature. Happy holidays.

  5. we don't care about your life, where is the event ?

  6. Outland 3 bosses in a row dosent drop loot , increased drops btw , yea right,
    Santa quest dosent count because on quest he got one name , in hyjal he got different name, good scripts?

  7. So i need kill Hemet Nesgingwary, but he is friendly

  8. 10 bosses dosent drop Frost wtf make 70%\30% pls and 3 Frost not 2 plss

  9. @Proterean did you saw my post, or Im just ignored again? - Can we get Bad Santa fixed?

  10. Hi

    Hey a umm its been Year a YEAR since Legendary cloack first chapter release. When other chapter 2,3,4,5 release?

  11. Thank you for nerfing the bosses hp to 7mil :D

  12. @Proterean did you saw my post, or Im just ignored again? - Can we get Bad Santa fixed?
    Not ignored, in our recent changes to loot and difficulty, one of the IDs got misplaced. The quest is wrong, that is why. It is being fixed as we speak.

  13. @Proterean I sent you a Pm about the Winter Hats. Do they drop on both the Bosses or World drops on Frostwolf, MoP?


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