1. Custom Holidy Quest Chain Guide (2018)

    Hey y'all. I pretty much just finished the custom quest chain that leads up to the boss and downed the boss. While questing I made a guide for everyone that's going to be struggling, currently it covers all of the quests up to the acceptance of the "Kill Bad Santa" quest. I made it using imgur and I'll post the link here, please enjoy and share it with anyone who doesn't mind having the mystery spoiled.


    Note: The boss drops 5 EoF for everyone and 3-4 items. Boss loot-table items that I can personally confirm include: Blue Murloc Egg, Magic Broom, Romantic Picnic Basket, Picnic Basket, Clockwork Rocket Bot, X-51 Nether Rocket (BoP), Headless Horseman's Reins, Reins of the Raven Lord, Big Battle Bear, Chromatic Sword. Rumored loot also includes Amani War Bear.
    Edited: January 3, 2019 Reason: More loot to talk about.

  2. This is my crib sheet and guide to the Bad Santa 25-man raid boss encounter:

    Getting to the raid: Hyjal Summit:
    Take the Dalaran portal to the Caverns of Time. Talk to the drake and they'll fly you to the bottom. Then walk into the Mount Hyjal instance portal (the nature-looking one) and talk to the new NPC inside, standing off to the right. The boss is summoned by then talking to the next NPC.

    First Pull Note:
    When triggering the spawn of Bad Santa for the first time by speaking with the NPC in the fight room, there will be an additional Add Phase at the start. (see: Phase 2.5 (Add Phase)). The add phase happens automatically but the boss pull doesn't, you can do the add phase without pulling the boss by moving to the back of the area.

    Phase 1 (100%-74%):
    Arcane Shield - The boss starts with a dispelable magic buff that reflects Arcane Damage to [melee?] attackers (like Thorns or Retribution Aura). It can be stolen by a mage or dispelled by anyone else.
    Web Wrap - 85k HP each, 3 per cast, the players get teleported to the same 3 locations every time. Deals ~2k damage per second and stuns the target for a maximum duration of 60 seconds. Sometimes the debuff is not removed when the webs are killed, keep healing the target and they will be freed when the debuff expires. Do not stand where the web wraps spawn to reduce the likely-hood of a blizzard spawning there.
    Frost Breath - Large frontal cone.
    Blizzard - Periodically drops on a random player's position and persists for a couple seconds. Pet avoidance does not work, dismiss pets until phase 2 or they will die.

    Phase 2 (74%-46%):
    Eject - Knock-back attack that does ~20k on tanks and lowers that target's current threat by a significant amount. Occurs roughly every 6.5 seconds.
    Marked Target / Meteor - A Hunter's Mark looking effect, marks the target to have a Meteor dropped on them. The Meteor deals ~42k Fire damage split on all targets hit and applying a stack of Flame Touched. Immunity effects such as Divine Shield or Ice Block do stop damage.
    Flame Touched - DoT fire damage, applied from being hit by the meteor, stacks with each meteor taken, cleansed by using the water bowl. Can also be cleared with Cloak of Shadows or Divine Shield.
    Water Bucket - A clickable object on the ground next to the friendly NPC, cleanses Flame Touched.
    Burning Straw - Its the same as Vile Gas but does not do damage. Can be cleared with Cloak of Shadows or Divine Shield.
    Phase 2 Extra Notes:
    1. Healers should not stack with the raid to reduce the likely-hood that they are hit with Burning Straw, if a healer is marked for a meteor, they should move into the raid only to share the damage then move back out.
    2. Share the damage from the meteor with 2+ people that aren't already going to take meteor damage, the debuff stacks for each meteor taken.
    3. Everyone in the raid must cleanse their stacks before pushing into the transition because everyone will be stunned in place, like Professor Putricide normal difficulty but without the damage reduction. Anyone with the debuff will likely die during this time.

    Phase 2.5 (Add Phase):
    3 types of adds spawn instantly in 4 groups around the fight area. Spriest-like casters, shaman-like healers, and melee. MD/ToT the adds to your tanks and AoE, have DKs pull the healers and casters into the group for AoE. Spam Mass Dispel and interrupt the healers for efficiency.
    Afterwards, the NPC will open a one-way portal for the raid to go through after the adds are dead, combat is still active but the boss will not instantly aggro; get mana and pull the boss again at your leisure.
    If your tanks, healers and about half your DPS are still alive after this then you're en-route for an easy kill.

    Phase 3 (46%-~25% or Dog Death):
    Stun Zone - Passive effect on the boss that occasionally stuns people. The stun is a dispelable magic effect.
    Fear - Cast by the boss, interruptible, magic/fear effect, dispelable.
    The Dog - Spawns from the cave after a short while. The dog's death will automatically start phase 4; the dog will automatically die if the boss is pushed into phase 4.
    Poison Charge - The dog charges a [random?] player and applies a dispelable poison DoT to everyone close to them.
    Zombie Snacks - Spawn from the boss and walk towards the dog. If the snacks reach the dog it will eat them and enrage.
    Dog enrage - +75% damage, increased attack speed. Considered an enrage effect and is dispelable.
    Phase 3 Extra Notes:
    1. Snacks aren't CC-able but they're slow enough that the OT can kite the dog away from them if the DPS need more time. They're also not taunt immune, but taunting doesn't really do anything - paladins can taunt for extra damage on Snacks.
    2. I've seen two strategies:
    A. Tank the dog, dispelling the enrage when it eats a Snack.
    B. Have a second tank kite the dog away from the Snacks while the DPS prioritize Snacks then kill the Dog.

    Phase 4 (~25%-0%):
    Berserk (soft enrage) - Periodically stacking 10% damage and attack speed buff on the boss, not dispelable.
    Poison Spray - Everyone in the raid gets hit with a poison DoT, dispelable. 2-3 Mass Dispels will cleanse the whole raid.

    5 EoF for everyone and 3-4 items.
    Confirmed loot includes: Blue Murloc Egg, Magic Broom, Romantic Picnic Basket, Picnic Basket, Clockwork Rocket Bot, X-51 Nether Rocket (BoP), Headless Horseman's Reins, Reins of the Raven Lord, and Big Battle Bear, Chromatic Sword (BoE).
    Rumored loot also includes Amani War Bear.

    Thank you for reading, if you have comments, or anything to add/change please notify me personally or post it here. Please share!
    Edited: January 3, 2019 Reason: Made it more concise and hopefully more accurate.

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