1. [A] Avatar is recruiting (T4 & T5)

    So? You want to progress from tier 4 till the end? Avatar is a freshly formed raiding guild (and has casual and raiding members).

    What do we do?

    - Raid 2 times a week on Thursday and Sunday, 19:00 server time.
    - We are having Karazhan and Gruul on farm.
    - Currently have SSC and TK scheduled for January.
    - Frequently organising alt runs outside regular raiding nights.

    To cut it short, Avatar raiders are:

    - Mostly based in Northern and Western Europe. (We ofcourse are willing to accept people from all over the universe)
    - Eager to raid and progress.
    - Mostly, but not always experienced raiders.
    - Reliable attendees.
    - Decently skilled.
    - Good learners.
    - Are or at least trying to be decent, relaxed, and non-toxic persons.
    - Able to consider the importance of the guild as a whole.

    What do we expect?

    - We raid 2 nights a week, so to be able to progress we need you to be strongly prepared for raids. This means that you bring consumables, show up well on time and have a thorough understanding of (scheduled) boss tactics.
    - Be able to express yourself in English (Very well).
    - 90 percent attendance.
    - The remaining obvious which fits a progressive raiding guild.

    See yourself fitting into this? Do you want to have lots of fun raiding, and progressing and be part of a
    chill and active envoirement or have questions?

    Please contact Linadillar or Arturion ingame!

    Check the messsage below for the actual recruiting status.
    Edited: January 11, 2019

  2. Recruiting Status


    Elemental Shaman
    CoH Priest
    Shadow Priest

    Is your class/spec not listed? We are always open to recruiting great players, so please feel free to contact us anyway!
    Edited: January 11, 2019

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