1. I joined up cause of this: https://xpoff.com/threads/wotlk-molten-39s.71289/page-3

    Lots of new players coming in too. There seems to be 4-6hours of activity per day.

  2. Hai. Had some fun with 2s this evening. Super rusty, so I'm glad I didn't join the WSG game. Would've been embarrassing. XD

  3. Hey guys im hoping to make a 39 warrior on Lordaeron alliance, would it be possible to get funded/ carried for gear? Unfortunately, their isn't really much i can give in return.

  4. Yeah, of course. What's your ign? You can also join the 39s discord and ask away over there.

  5. I highly recommend joining the discord. Even when some people aren't available to play, they're often around chatting.

  6. Hey, im thinking about making a 39 twink on alliance, is shaman any good ? Thanks

  7. Shaman is very good. All three specs are viable, though most people enjoy going enhancement and having fun with windfury.

  8. Aside from the regular WSGs, we've got more people doing arenas too. I'd like to arrange to do some more 2v2s and 3v3s, especially against set teams as everyone gets more practice.

  9. Look up Bigbobby on trade. Bis 39 Undead war

  10. Yo, used to twink way back when, 19 29 39 49 loved all the brackets, 39 the most, had twinks on horde ( WSG Tabard on Barthilis ) and ally ( OneShot on Frostmounre ) a old mate just told me about this server ( god i wish i knew about it ages ago ) looking to get into the swing of things. What server is best to roll on? what faction is lacking? ( ill prob end up making twinks on both anyway ) what class's are lacking? Used to play mostly Warr or Pally but had all classes except mage ( never liked mages :) ) finally got my account sorted out so ill start sorting the client out and **** tonight ( if i can drag myself away from classic )

    Main twink names were Halfstep ( 39 gnome warr / 39 cow warr ) , Thevicar ( 39 pally ) and Eatmyknife ( Rogue, this was my oldest twink, done 19 29 39 and 49 with this dude from vanilla )

  11. Come join us and enjoy the chill games!

  12. Hello! Are any brackets currently active? I used to lead/fund 39s on Lord a few years back with my guild <Primary Target>. Also did some 29s.
    It looks like they did cross-server BGs?

  13. Is it some warmane stuff, that low lvls ( saw 19 and 39 twinks on youtube) can play arenas?

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