1. Hi im a new player in warmane (migration pssible?)

    Hi everyone im a new player in warmane. i sing up this acount 'cause my last server is going to dead. and i have a little question, can i migrate my character to warmane? i played in Lights Hope (vanilla) and i have a character level 40 and im very sad cause i work hard to make this character and i make this question if in your community i can migrate with my Player

  2. Hey SouthShore,

    No, unfortunately you cannot do a merger, since Light's Hope can for one be considered a competitor - and they dont usually work together. Secondly there could be differences in what gear you would have gotten on one server compared to the other and vice-versa. So sadly for you, no such luck.

    But Icecrown is x7 xp rates, so getting to lvl 40 would not take you very long at all. If you have done the starting areas and vanilla content before - you can rush through at quite a decent pace. Lvl 1->40 should only take a handful of hours.

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